Is it important to be financially independent at the age of twenty?

Is it important to be financially independent at the age of twenty?
If you have no vision, why do you talk about making money?


after going to college, every time I go home to see my elders, I will be asked, "have you started to make money yet?" When can I stop asking my parents for money? You should hurry up and look for a part-time job. You can earn a little bit. "

every time I am asked this question, I am speechless. I especially want to ask them, "what do you think of university?" The school or the market? "

it seems that elders take the issue of "financial independence" very seriously. they like to impose this view on this generation of people who are about to reach adulthood or just adulthood. They think that not asking for money from the family is the criterion for judging whether a person is young and promising.

this idea has even spread to peers.

there are people around me who fill their lives with all kinds of small jobs that make money, study at school during the day and work at night to earn money, even if their families themselves do not need this extra income. They don't even relax in the final exam. In order to ease the conflict between part-time work and study, they will sacrifice their sleep and walk around the campus with ten centimeters of dark circles under their eyes every day.

for a long time, I thought it was a shame to ask my parents for money when I was an adult. I used to feel guilty about my high tuition fees and always felt that I owed my parents. I also thought about finding a lot of odd jobs to be independent when I was in college, and I wanted to find a job to earn money as soon as I graduated from college.

because my budding self-esteem does not allow me to reach out to my parents. But I spent a semester like this, and then one day I suddenly realized how stupid it was to try my best to make money when I was supposed to study.


I attended a business sharing meeting in March, which ended with a free chat tea party. My group friend is a senior sister who wears a stiff formal dress and paints decent makeup. We first talked about some questions about professional courses, and then I asked her, "Sister, do you work part-time to make money?" How many have you made? "

she seemed a little surprised that I would ask this question, but she answered me patiently: "I'm teaching an eight-year-old Mandarin twice a week." I said, "Ah, only twice a week, won't you earn very little?" She thought about it and then told me, "I think people of what age should do things of what age, don't talk about making money when they should study, and don't want to save money when they should spend money."

I watched her calmly, listened to her whisper about her experiences when she was a teacher in Yunnan, and watched her share her new books with me patiently. I found that my mind was blank. I didn't know every topic she said. I hadn't even heard of her field. I couldn't talk as eloquently as she did. My scarce travel experience made me know very little about customs everywhere.

Sister regards part-time as only a small part of enriching her college life, and spends more time doing what she really wants to do, such as reading, traveling, making friends and cooking. She has not achieved what her elders call "financial independence", but I have to admit that her college life is much richer and happier than mine.

I thought about it for a long time after I left her.

I don't think she and I are on the same level anymore. Her vision, knowledge and ideological level are far higher than mine. She spent all my time on the road on the road to things she liked better, so she saw with her own eyes the exact landscapes of many places on the map and the economic phenomena outside college textbooks. She also knows what to wear and what kind of hairstyle to wear on an occasion like this. On the other hand, I am only superficially concerned about "financial independence". I care about how much money I can earn on hand every day, and I am exhausted in my studies and part-time jobs.

I keep asking myself: what am I doing now? What can I do if I don't graduate from college? Tutor, fast food waitress, handing out flyers, delivering newspapers? Can these jobs that take up too much of my time be written on my resume? Can I gain any competitive advantage from this? What can financial independence bring me?

when you think about it, economic independence seems to be great, but it seems to be nothing.


should not have worked hard to make money when I could read.

those part-time jobs can not add any added value to you except for a meagre salary. It just takes up a lot of time you should have been in school, takes up your normal sleep time, and consumes your physical strength.

University is originally a platform for learning knowledge. During your four years of college, you can choose to go abroad to exchange, participate in activities, or even enjoy a love affair, but you only focus on your income, wasting this wonderful time that should have broadened your horizons.

I think, in fact, my current income is not worth mentioning after many years, but the cost of time is more important to me. Moreover, my family did not expect me to have strong financial strength in the short term, so why should I waste the four years of college I am now studying in a hurry to fight for small profits overnight?

so I made a new plan for my life, taking "money" as a secondary reference standard and paying more attention to "vision". I want to make less money and gain more knowledge in college. Study, volunteer, travel, public welfare activities, I hope to meet a few like-minded friends in group activities, find one or two part-time jobs to enrich myself as far as I can, and occasionally spend the money I earn extravagantly. Although I can't subsidize my parents too much, I always believe that I haven't wasted the money they spent for me.

I think college life is supposed to be like this: when family conditions permit, most of them are burdened by real life, do not travel needlessly for food and clothing, and do not let their childish self-esteem delay the good time when they should have improved themselves.

IThey are not opposed to part-time jobs in universities, nor are they opposed to young people being financially independent as soon as their ability permits. I just don't agree with the practice that I'm so tired of making money in college that I don't even hesitate to take up a lot of study time.


some people say that it is important to be independent of your parents at the age of 20.

however, I say that it is more important to improve your horizons at the age of 20. It doesn't matter whether you rely on your parents or not.

there are always people who refuse to bow to their parents because of their little "self-esteem" as adults, hoping to leave their parents as self-sufficient as they say on TV. They use "financial" independence to demand themselves. "do not spend family money as the standard of growing up." But is premature economic independence really that important?

the vision and knowledge you gain at the age of 20 is the real bargaining chip to increase the value of the future. In fact, no one cares about when you can be financially independent and whether you have the potential for long-term development in matters that others care about.

there is really no shame in accepting financial support from parents. You and your parents know very well that the money will not be wasted. Under the premise of affordability, all the tuition fees and living expenses paid for you can be regarded as a highly profitable investment in education. You should believe that the money you can earn in the future is far more than that of doing odd jobs and eating instant noodles, provided that you really make full use of your present time to enrich yourself.

I think it's not shameful to spend your parents' money, nor to be financially independent. What's shameful is that you've spent your parents' money and haven't been able to do anything really valuable with it. Instead, you've wasted your own good time.

so I hope you don't try to be brave when you don't have the ability to be financially independent, and don't embarrass yourself and miss the opportunity to improve yourself when you can accept the help of your parents. I also believe that parents will not care about overnight expenses, they just want you to have a good life.

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"when do you think I can start making money?"

"when you can."