In the six months after I disappeared, I became the owner of a fried chicken restaurant.

In the six months after I disappeared, I became the owner of a fried chicken restaurant.
Life, quite unexpected.

these six months have been wonderful. I changed my identity from a new media person to a fried chicken restaurant owner, and then returned to the new media man.

if you are now faced with a choice node of "do you want to get out of the original circle", sit down and listen to me talk about this story.

the reason why I left the mess was very simple: because my family had to have surgery, it was inconvenient to move for a long time.

after thinking for a long time, I decided to go back to my hometown for a period of time to share the pressure of my family.

it seems that the decision is in your own hands, but because of your different identities, you make concessions accordingly.

1. I will stay in my hometown for the next 4-5 months, and I can't do nothing all day.

3. In the fourth-tier county, there are very few industries to choose from. Most of my classmates and friends are civil servants, bank staff and other enterprises and institutions. For them, I may not be able to pass the examination and certainly not suitable for them.

all things considered, I chose to be a fried chicken takeout. Confidence is a good thing, but I have also done psychological construction in the worst case:

if I don't make enough money, I shouldn't do it.

my friend asked me, "Why do you still do it when you are ready to lose money?"

"you can't make a steady profit in business. I want to try other industries while I don't have a lot of family and financial burden."

of course, most of the reality is that you think you've thought it through, but people around you think you haven't thought it through, and your friends and parents want you not to do it.

if the answer is "yes" and "yes", you should take action.

fold the wings neatly.

take the recruitment of employees as an example.

not only fresh, but also angry for a long time, this is the label of the catering industry. The catering industry is definitely an industry with a low threshold for entry, but it is among the top three in terms of recruitment difficulty.

because it is difficult to recruit people, the quality of employees is uneven. Some may have studied in college, but they may only have graduated from primary school; they may be of good conduct, or they may be disobedient. You can see all kinds of people in the catering industry.

I have a camera in the kitchen of the store, which is intended only to monitor food safety, but even I didn't expect it to be able to hear sound as well as seeing pictures. As a result, I heard the staff speak ill of me as a boss in the kitchen. The content is so rich and the vocabulary is so wonderful that even I, who works in the media, is ashamed of myself.

after this incident, I learned one more lesson: don't speak ill of others under surveillance:).

often at this time, there are a lot of people around you lobbying you: "you see, I told you, it would be better not to do it and give up."

the best solution is to hold that breath and try your best to prove yourself. This is the only useful way to relieve qi.


although I was in a hurry, I opened the fried chicken restaurant.

originally my psychological expectation was that I could accept no profit in the first three months and a loss of no more than 20,000 yuan.

A takeout with more than 3000 orders, in a small fourth-tier county with a resident population of less than 400000, it can rank in the top 10 of all takeout stores and achieve the first goal of local fried chicken.

the tone that I had been bored with before is finally relieved.

there are some things that don't need to be proved at all, and it has become a fact out there.


just when my friends thought I was going to be a "catering tycoon".

No one expected that I handed over the store to my relatives in October.

I made this decision because I figured out two things:

1, "my resources cannot support the scale development of the fried chicken restaurant."

according to my shallow understanding, there are only two ways for the development of physical stores:

wait for the funds invested by the original stores to come back, or increase the capital investment for a short time to expand and seize the market.

the former is a steady strategy, but it will take a year before the funds can be fully returned. But the reality is that not to mention a year, even if it takes three months, there will be variables in this market.

moreover, time is a scarce resource for me, and it is by no means a wise choice to wait.

the latter is a strategy of chain expansion, but without the support of abundant capital, it can only borrow money to carry out short-term expansion. But once the capital chain is broken, there is a risk of bankruptcy and debt.

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2, "Why am I doing this?"

compared to the first question, this question is the root cause of my letting go of the fried chicken restaurant. strong>

you see, man is indeed a very strange animal. After solving the problem of "whether you can survive or not", you will begin to struggle with "in what form to survive".

first confirm one thing: it is an opportunity to make money.

from this alone, I know that it is not suitable for me at this stage.

of course, I have to admit that if the fried chicken restaurant makes enough money every month, I can sell it that damn satisfaction.

Unfortunately, it is far from being achieved.

and I went back to Guangzhou, messy, and talked to you in front of the screen.

I used to mind people saying, "Why did you give up?"

at that moment I will find that the word "give up" is not a derogatory word, but another word of choice.

there is no right or wrong in the choice.