I'm Liu Bai. Nice to meet you.

I'm Liu Bai. Nice to meet you.
Before you know it, it's been another year.

so the regular readers at that time should have the impression of me as "lovelorn".

at that time, I met my current boyfriend at a messy annual meeting.

the story I wrote also began to change from breaking up to the details of a couple's relationship, the troubles of cohabitation, the pressure of a boyfriend, and the practical question of whether or not to help his boyfriend pay his mortgage.

"readers grow up, and what they care about is no longer just the campus."

11:00 every night, through articles and messages, witness each other's small growth and changes.

Thank you for witnessing my year again;

this should be the last paragraph I wrote this year, so here I wish you all a happy New year in advance.

good night.