If you want to fall in love, you can't fall in love without Shawneh's skills, only David's accommodation.

If you want to fall in love, you can't fall in love without Shawneh's skills, only David's accommodation.
Who says we should stop?

skipping class and making an afternoon tea appointment with Chen, he suddenly told me that he was thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend recently. He poked the snowballs in the mocha with a straw and stirred the ice cubes to mix them quickly with the coffee.

"Why?" Oh, I wonder.

"I don't know, I think the two of us are in a state like... They are torturing each other like two incompetent lovers. They don't have any interest at all. They don't even bother to quarrel. When they quarrel, they don't bother to coax. I don't think I love her anymore. "

I asked, "if you don't love her, why did you subconsciously order a vanilla mocha you used to hate most?" Oh, Da Chen Yu Sai.

I don't know if you have ever had such an experience. In a relationship, one of you is bound to be surprisingly kind to the other, while the other is always trying to escape, and the pressure of that kind of giving is higher than the sky.

but this is not the case at the beginning of a relationship. Our relationship is like Taijiquan. We go back and forth. Like playing games, we need skills to maintain the persistence of our relationship, not when I punch it out. You just want to be on your guard.

I think of Margaret and David Mung Bean, in which David is to Margaret, just like Chen and his girlfriend yuki. David wants to live with Margaret, who has suspected that her feelings for him have been watered down, and she even wants to break up.

David was very kind to Margaret. Margaret said she wanted to buy a vacuum cleaner. David said yes. Margaret said she wanted to buy a two-door refrigerator with an oversized area. David said yes. Margaret said he wanted to drink juice every morning. David secretly bought a juicer and fruit to study juice squeezing at home the day before cohabitation. Margaret went to the supermarket with David, and David would help Margaret pick out sanitary napkins.

will you feel very moved? But Margaret felt very tired. Such a relationship does not seem to have skills and surprises, this episode will always guess the next episode, since you like to indulge so much, it is good enough that the party who has been paid has lost interest in Taijiquan.

just like Margaret turned off the lights and flirted with David on her newly bought bed, David said we should take off our shoes first, we should take off our socks first, and we should take a shower first.

I seem to understand the dull love in Chen's mouth.

the narrator of the tenth episode of Princess Margaret is--

David suddenly felt sweet and kind when he heard Diamond call him "King of reason". David thought that only Margaret could give him this feeling. Maybe miss a feeling too much, it will make people hallucinate.

I suddenly feel very sad to see here, and the same is true of Dachen and yuki I first met. Their love pattern at that time was more like Xiao Nai and Bei Weiwei in "A smile is very attractive."

Xiao Nai and Bei Weiwei are partners in the game, and they have never met in reality, so they are counted as "game netizens". But Xiao Nai has long known that his partner in the game is his sister in the same line in reality.

when the two met for the first time, they didn't recognize him slightly. They just thought they happened to see the big god brother they worshipped, so they plucked up the courage to say hello, "what a coincidence."

at this time, the aloof Shawnai didn't immediately identify himself. He walked straight past her, making him feel as if he had a hot face and a cold ass, then turned back and said to her back in a bass voice, "Unfortunately, I'm waiting for you."

after dating, they went through a week or two of separation, and then secretly bought a plane ticket and appeared in Shawnai's company. At that time, Xiao Nai happened to meet a customer from the company. Xiao Nai walked out of the office and saw the customer at the same time. He calmly went to the customer, shook hands with each other, said a few pleasantries, and asked someone to arrange for them to the conference room.

then go to slightly, pick up the luggage and "come with me". Originally painstakingly prepared for Xiao Nai surprise slightly disappointed at this time, the other side did not look excited ah. But when Xiao Nai brought Wei to the office, he not only hurriedly settled down and went to see the customer, but closed the door without saying much nonsense, and went straight to the waist and wall.

the seemingly aloof god actually knows a lot of love skills. For example, when he thought of Xiao Nai as an intern, Xiao Nai said, "our company has a high standard of employment, unless you bribe me."

said slightly, "I'll treat you to dinner."

the god replied that I only accept bribes from my wife's beauty.

probably for the girls who have received these skills, the blood trough is already empty.

when we just started to fall in love, our ingenuity is that Shawneh is not unilaterally flirting with a little, not using skills unilaterally, but also using skills.

for example, two people are separated from two cities during the summer vacation, one in Beijing and the other in Wuhan. They will talk on the phone in the game and keep talking while working. Even if two people work and play a game, it is not awkward.

one night, Wei Wei learned on the phone that Xiao Nai had not eaten yet. her first thought was not to say to the other party, "you should go to dinner soon and stop working." instead, she said, "I have something to do. Please wait for me."

she ran to the living room, called her favorite restaurant and ordered takeout and asked it to be delivered to Shawnai's house. When she returned to her room, she continued to chat with each other as if nothing had happened, and in the middle of the conversation, Shawnai said, "wait a minute, there's a knock at the door." When he finally opened the door, he received this takeout from thousands of miles away.

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such a move is self-evident.

Weiwei lost her mobile phone before she met Xiao Nai. She never had a cell phone when she fell in love with Xiao Nai. She bought a mobile phone one day after she got home. She thought, the first text message of my new phone must be sent carefully. Give it to the god.What should I send?

so she had an idea and imitated the fraud message and left her bank card number to remit money. She thought that she would play a trick on him and wait until tonight to tell him it was me and surprise him.

as a result, at lunch, the cell phone rang slightly and received a text message. Someone called 1000 yuan into the card, and she immediately called Xiao Nai.

Xiao Nai said, I have known for a long time that there is no swindler who leaves an account without leaving a remittance name, and he has already remembered the number after looking at her bank card only once.

she wants to give him a surprise, but he gives her a surprise instead. Whether you want to admit it or not, such a relationship is really interesting, and now we, who are so "old Youtiao" and "love incompetent", used to be such people.

another person who has mastered the skill is the true reason in the recently popular Japanese TV series Love of the Sage. She is with a man who is more than 20 years younger than herself, and the other is the son of her best friend. When having dinner with her best friend and couple, there is elegant conversation and laughter on the table, but under the table she touches the little boy's ankle with her feet.

this kind of skill, probably the boys have seen it, and the blood trough is empty.

when the two travel alone, it is really decided to be two rooms. She lives next door. Knowing that the other person wants to travel with her, she still plays hard to get, suspending each other's appetite and giving him candy. In the end, the two slept in the same room at night, rather than letting nature take its course.

regardless of whether or not he really fell in love with a little boy in the end, or just revenge, but knowing the true reason of "surprise at the right time" is to make his best friend son, who is in his twenties, fall in love with himself.

someone may jump out and retort that with the increase of love time, there are no skills but life.

but I think it is because everyone is accustomed to the mode of taking whatever they want from the people around them, too lazy to create surprises and fun from the details, and the relationship dries up at the end, complains, and even finds their own highlights.

Dachen says he doesn't love yuki anymore, but I think he just doesn't love her who is so close to him. He just doesn't love her who only indulges him blindly, unlike her who forced him to drink vanilla mocha with him. He just doesn't love her who is as insipid as stagnant water.

whether you are in love or in life, don't bother to create surprises, no matter how small the details are, how simple a word is, why be cold when you have candy; why should you be sad if you are happy?

I have tried to convince myself to accept the reality, the reality is what Margaret said, the relationship between people is enough, once closer, the relationship will be farther away. Later I found that it was all bullshit, it was a small white flag held by the incompetent to life.

Don't easily tell me that enough is enough. My teacher and wife are nearly 60 years old. They hug when they get up every morning and walk in the sunset hand in the evening. Don't easily tell me that enough is enough. My mother cooks breakfast for her father in a variety of ways every morning, and my father comes home every night to bring her favorite midnight snacks.

if enough is enough, then there is no need to fall in love, marry, or have a family at all in this world; if enough is enough, why is it that Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua's years of friendship are not enough enough, but want to get married; if enough is enough, why Yu Chunjiao and Zhang Zhiming have been on and off for many years, and in the end, it is not a long-standing quarrel, but a resurgence of the old relationship.

enough is nonsense. Falling in love requires not only David's accommodation, but Shawnai's surprise, not Margaret David's enough, but Shawnebe's subtle serial skills.

finally, I think of the narration of the last episode of Princess Margaret and David--

Love is a lasting test. To reach the end, you must know how to go back to the beginning. Recall the reason why you fell in love with this person, and then convince yourself to continue to love.

but first, I want to set a small goal,

for example. First there is a "Yang Yang" like you.