If the end is doomed to pain, why not give up?

If the end is doomed to pain, why not give up?
Maybe it's because happiness won't be erased.


one night in the previous stage, A Lu excitedly came to me with his cell phone and asked me if the girl in the photo was beautiful. I squinted at the screen and shrugged: "what's the use of being beautiful? I already have a boyfriend."

after saying this sentence, I immediately felt A Lu froze. I turned around to look at him and found that he was pale. I realized that I was too late to say this.

"give up. She has been with her boyfriend for more than four years and will get married as soon as she graduates." I patted Lu on the shoulder, and only the idiot would insist on the impossible.

as a friend, I hope Lu doesn't get caught up in a story whose ending is destined to be sad.

"um. Forget it. Let's just be friends. " Lu nodded sadly.

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I naively thought that I had convinced A Lu, but he said he wanted to be a friend, but finally became a backup.

during those two months, no matter what topic we talked about, he could go on with "my friend she" and share one backup story after another at night.

it is obvious that all the signs of her discomfort have something to do with her. Ah Lu had to harden his mouth and say that he really gave up.

one day I was so angry by him that I couldn't help yelling: "didn't you say you don't like her?" Do you call that giving up? "

A Lu was frightened by the anger when I came all of a sudden. He was aggrieved and wanted to say something, but his cell phone shook. After reading the message, the haze on his face was suddenly swept away and forced to resist an overflowing smile: "my friend, she asked me to go over and fix the water cooler. I'll see you later."

then this idiot left me alone in the open street and ran away with a happy face on his face.

I looked at the faint look of happiness on A Lu's face, angry and distressed. In the end, I couldn't help shaking my head and laughing, because A Lu seemed to be really happy.

it was only then that I realized that people always care about the stupidity of moths to the fire, but never think about how happy they are.

I suddenly find myself envious of Lu, because not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone who makes them desperate, and not everyone is lucky enough to have the courage to stick to the impossible.


I once asked in my moments, "do you still want to stick to it when you know the ending is painful?"

of all the responses, only Ashin told me in a definite tone: "Yes, at least not now, at least now you don't want to give up."

while others decided that the ending was painful, they all said, no, no. I later talked privately about some of them who were still in love with their exes and asked them a question.

"if you go back to the beginning of your last relationship and nothing, including the ending, can be changed, will you?"

they thought about it for a while, and most of them ended up saying: mm-hmm.

obviously they have chosen to give up before, but when they are in their shoes, even if they have experienced this pain, they are willing to stick to it in the end.

because when I see the moments, they are the audience of the story; when I ask them questions, they are the protagonists of the story.

the audience who stay on the sidelines always don't understand the irrational behavior of the protagonist of the story. That's why when friends around you insist on something that looks stupid and painful, there are always people who like to persuade those who are desperate to say, "give up, you're wrong."

in fact, the wrong person is the audience, because when they become parties, they will find that they can't give up at all.

this is the most fascinating and disgusting part of love: even if you know it's stupid, even if you know it's going to be painful, you can't help but want to go on.

because I really don't want to give up, I still want to hold on to it if I haven't been bitten off by the final result.


I once sat down with a girl I liked to discuss each other's future carefully, and finally came to the conclusion that if we were together, we would be separated if we couldn't go far.

not only do we feel that way, but many of my friends tell me, "you?" No matter how you think about it, it's not the same painting style. You mustn't get involved. "

but I still chose to express my love, and her reason for refusing me was: "if you are doomed to lose in the end, why start?"

I couldn't answer at that time. I don't know why I should finish something if it is painful in the end.

then for a long time, I didn't get in touch with her. Even though we talked about everything, I left her life sadly at last.

but when the eel whale asked "the happiest thing" one day, the first thing that came to mind was that on a cold night, after I bought high heels with her, the two sat by the central lake chatting until dawn.

at that moment, I suddenly remembered a lot of things. I remember that I used to call her from 11:00 to 04:30 in the morning; I remembered the thin figure of her after hanging up my phone and delivering an umbrella to me in the heavy rain; I remembered the funny way she was so sleepy that she almost fell asleep on the road when I was shopping with her.

after so long, whenever I mention her, everything I think of is really happy.

so if you ask me, even if I know that she and I will eventually become strangers, knowing that I will be very uncomfortable in the end, I am still willing to meet her.

then I can tell you with certainty that even though I am sorry to think of her now, even though I may be sad to death one night now, I stillI really want to meet her.

because the pain will dissipate over time, but those heartfelt pleasures will not.

if I have a chance to do it all over again, I don't even want to accompany her to the end. What I want is to accompany her a little further and do a little more interesting things, a little bit, just a little bit.

if you are doomed to lose, then walk through the road that is doomed to be lost.

in the end, in every long sleepless night, as long as I think of the days that have been with me, I still dare to kill a piece of light alone.