If the college entrance examination of that year can also be postponed for a month.

If the college entrance examination of that year can also be postponed for a month.
That was the last time we met.

saw a message: because of the epidemic, this year's college entrance examination was postponed for one month.

I froze my fingers on the screen, looked at myself in the glass door of the subway, and suddenly remembered a lot of things before.

and almost all of these things are related to one person.

that man is my front desk. He is very tall. He sits in front of me simply because of poor eyesight.

he doesn't have a hunchback, but he sits lazily. He is used to holding his head with one hand, and can't tell whether he is listening to class or taking a nap.

every time the head teacher sees it, he says, "look how you sit."

once I couldn't help asking him, "Why are you in this position every time, and the table is rickety?"

he looked at me and said, "Please, I did this on purpose so as not to block your view of the blackboard."

I still remember a time when the head teacher looked very pale in the countdown to the general examination in our class.

as soon as he came in, he saw that the blackboard had not been cleaned, and his face sank: "who is it today?"

the classmate next to me gestured to me with his eyes, and I got up hurriedly.

when he saw my movement, for some reason, he stood up and blocked me with his height.



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it rained heavily that day, and Shen Jiayi shouted to him, "Big fool."

he glanced back at my reaction and immediately added: "fake."

author /Liu Bai

Music /Chen Kuanzhi-did you watch it in those years (cover Hu Xia)