If it is not in the north and Guangzhou, will anyone read the books on the subway?

If it is not in the north and Guangzhou, will anyone read the books on the subway?
Yesterday we conducted a "book-throwing experiment" in Dongguan.

"I have prepared 10000 books and left them on the Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou subway and where you pass by."

since the day before yesterday, my life has been surrounded by the New World's "battle to lose books." many people are also paying attention to this matter, not only brushing my screen in the circle of friends, but also dragging me to discuss and express their opinions when they meet.

A vote of people supported the campaign, saying that it promoted people's reading and made our lives more interesting.

another group of people scoffed at it, thinking that it was meaningless at all, and that the whole form of activity was greater than the content, and it was just hype and marketing.

the day before yesterday, there was a lot of chaos inside because of this matter, and no one could convince each other. finally, the thorn patted the table and said, "there is nothing to quarrel with. Since we all want to know the results, let's try it."

so yesterday, eel whale, lulu and I, with seven readers, did a "book loss experiment" in Dongguan.

before the experiment began, we put a piece of paper on the cover of each book and wrote some guiding words on it, like this:

after an hour and a half of preparation and two hours of experiment, coupled with interviews with some passers-by, we observed that this activity brought different reactions to different people.

Chen Erer Group

location: subway platform

A. An uncle with a satchel was delighted to see the books and stickers on his seat and took the books into the subway. "I didn't expect to read a book given by a stranger on the way home for dinner," he said in an interview. "this is also a kind of beauty in life."

B. A middle-aged aunt glanced at the book on the platform seat, but did not take any action. "I thought someone else lost it, so I didn't take it, even if I picked it up and read it, I wouldn't choose to take it with me," she said in an interview. It's supposed to be someone else's stuff. "

Yuanxia group

location: Metro Line 2

A. After getting on the subway, a middle-aged uncle noticed the book on his seat and asked others, "Why is there a book here?" But no one responded to him. He had been secretly glancing at the book, but was afraid to pick it up and read it.

B. After getting on the subway, a girl in her twenties casually set aside her book from her seat, sat down and began to look at her cell phone. After about four stops, she noticed the book and the sticker on it, picked up the book and carefully wiped the dust off the sticker. She began to read the guide and the contents of the book carefully until she got out of the car, put the book back neatly, and got off silently.

C. A mother and daughter, aged 50 + and 20 +, immediately found the book on their seat after getting on the subway, pointed to the book and loudly discussed the activity of losing the book, and then began to play with their mobile phones without picking up the book from beginning to end.

D. An office worker with a briefcase sat down and found the book next to his seat. He immediately picked it up and read it, but he didn't seem to be interested at all, so he put it back in place and began to close his eyes.

E. A boy in his twenties first reached out carefully and hooked the book to his side, then picked up the book and read the introduction carefully, then read the book intently all the way, and recognized me carrying a "disorganized" canvas bag before getting out of the car. reconfirm to me if I can take the book away, nodded to me when I got the affirmative answer, said "thank you" and took the book away.

summer group

location: near Huiyi City

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A. The experimenter left the book on the open-air table of Starbucks in Huiyi City, and then a boy sat down at the table, began to play mobile games, did not read the book, and showed impatience when the experimenter tried to interview. No one took the book away until the last minute.

B. The book was left outside the bathroom in Huiyi city and was taken away after an hour.

C. The experimenter put the book on the public stone bench outside Huiyi city, during which several people sat down to play with their cell phones, made phone calls, and did not notice the book.

D. When interviewing passers-by, most people said that they "don't like reading, let alone take away the books they have picked up."

E. When passing by, a boy found the book on the stone bench, but only picked it up and flipped through it for a while, and told the experimenter that he knew the activity of "losing the book" and was very supportive, and explained that it was only because he was not interested in the book. so he didn't choose to take it away, hoping that another predestined person would take it away.

F. Interview a

experimenter in her fifties sitting in the Haagen-Dazs public area: "if there were a book here, would you read it?"

Auntie: "I'll turn it over."

experimenter: "if you could take this book with you, would you choose to take it?"

Auntie: (without thinking) "No, I can look up the title of an e-book if I'm interested. It's too heavy to take a book with me."

experimenter: "do you usually like reading?"

Auntie: "I liked reading very much when I was young, but at that time there were very few books and I didn't have a chance to read. Now I am old, my eyes are not good, and I read less."

Vivian Group

location: Metro Line 2

A. Most people noticed the book when they were passing by, but no one ever picked it up.

B. The book was put in the lost and found by the cleaner.

Fine salt group

location: convention and Exhibition Center bus stop

A. Put down the two books and both were taken away an hour later.

in fact, according to the experimental results, to be fair, the effect is not very ideal. It is indeed difficult to do cultural activities in the current social environment, which has become a large number of people think that this kind of activities.One of the reasons why it doesn't work.

from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., we went to the center of Dongguan from different places to carry out this experiment, although everyone was hungry and the result was not as good as the ideal utopia. but we still believe that it's not pointless.

the reason why we named the activity "lost Book experiment" rather than following the "lost Book Battle" is that in the face of the endless arguments, doubts and thinking of most people around us, we want to use it more as an experiment to pay attention to the story that happened in this activity, and present it to you who are full of doubts, so that everyone can arouse new thinking from it.

before we set out, the thorn said this to me: "We are all thinking about what ripples look like and arguing about it. It would be better for someone to come and throw a stone in front of us."

what we do is to be a stone thrower to show what the ripple really looks like to those who want to know the ripple.

after personally throwing stones, I thought to myself that there are a lot of people who say that losing books is a "show", and that picking up books, flipping through photos and posting on moments are also called "forced". Even doing experiments on losing books will be said to be "putting on a show". If that's the case, isn't it a kind of "show" for people who criticize these activities with a sense of superiority?

I hate watching the news comment section on mainstream platforms, which is always full of people who think with their mouths, who do nothing but attack the keyboard mindless when they see other people make some changes to the whole environment. Oppose for the sake of opposition to show that you are superior.

I don't want to speculate on anyone's behavior maliciously, even if the activity of losing the book is not really to promote the reading culture of the public, even if the person who turns the book is just pretending to send a message to the moments, what does it matter?

some people on the subway do start to read seriously, and even people who take photos and post on moments have turned a few pages with interest, and our activities have indeed aroused new thinking among the participants, even if only a small part of them are now. That's enough. We believe that it is precisely because of the first step that things will get better and better.

in the video of "12-hour all-night worry about the Big Bang", a girl said something that impressed me particularly: "I don't know what it means to participate in this event. I just know that it will be meaningless if I don't participate."

whenever we decide to do something in life, there are always a lot of worries that bother us so much that people always care too much about gains and losses, and when something doesn't look so perfect, there will always be a voice in your ear saying, "forget it, it's useless." the voice may come from others, more often from your own heart.

you know, a lot of things don't necessarily make sense in the first place, but when we do it, it becomes meaningful.

and talking about sex will never make sense.

this is true of lost books, experiments, or other trivial things in life.

finally, if our "lost Book experiment" also causes you to think about the activity, please share it with us under the comments section.