I'd like to invite you to Dongguan Institute of Technology to sing with Cheng Bi.

I'd like to invite you to Dongguan Institute of Technology to sing with Cheng Bi.
I don't care about wasting my time as long as I'm with you.

A year ago, around November, I organized disorganized readers to watch the Strawberry Music Festival, which I remember was our first offline event in a strict sense.

the readers who attended the appointment at that time were no more or less. During the halftime after Yao Shisheng finished singing, we sat and chatted near the stage and happened to form a circle. At that time, it was disorganized or a team of only two people.

(Southern Strawberry Music Festival, November 2015)

I remember that at that time I just wanted to go to the music festival with a group of people before I wrote the invitation tweet. I didn't expect that the next day I would get a call from one of the organizers, Southern newspaper, in my sleep. They said they saw my tweet, thought I was sincere, wanted to invite me to the concert, and invited me backstage to interview the participating singers. I was excited for three days. It was incredible. It was the first time I went backstage and talked to Song Dongye, Yao Shisheng and Ah Tong.

when I was in high school, in addition to Hong Kong music, I was madly fond of folk songs and literature and art at that time, but now I might dislike hypocritical singers, such as being very fond of my good sister, Chen Ji and Cheng Bi. At that time, they were not so popular. They liked a person who seemed to have discovered the treasure and wanted to hide them privately.

Last week I went to the Zhuhai Beach Music Festival and stood off the stage. I kept thinking, is it possible for me to invite my readers to have an offline activity about folk songs and singers I have liked? It's just a sudden, fleeting thought.

I didn't expect that when I came back, I received such a message that my goddess Cheng Bi was coming to my city, Dongguan, to hold her touring concert, and this time she would put the Forest on the stage.

what makes me more happy is that Dongguan Daily and Dongguan time Network even invited her to my school (Songshan Lake Campus of Dongguan Institute of Technology) to hold a meeting. And this time the chaos will be the co-organizer of the event.

when I was in my third year of high school, I must have never thought that at that time, the little song library of my heart, the singer I looked at from afar, would one day take the initiative to come to me.

maybe many people still don't know Cheng Bi very well. They may only be good friends of "good sister" Qin Hao and Chen Ji. (good sister and Chen Ji are also artists of Cheng Bi's "Wanyou Music Department")

in fact, she is a Japanese musician who graduated from the Foreign language Department of Peking University. She is the first musician to sing a poem into a song. Known as "the closest voice to poetry", she is the best Mandarin female newcomer at the 2015 Chinese Golden Music Award. When I listen to her singing, I will think of a word, "Hua". Well, the tenderness in her singing will melt people.

she is a girl that all girls will like.

(this is a film portrait taken by Qin Hao for Cheng Bi)

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someone once said that Cheng Bi sings very flat, everything seems to be singing a note, there are no ups and downs at all, what is there to listen to?

I told him that you must not have tried, one summer evening, you are sitting in the classroom, the setting sun falls on your desk, the headphones are "I believe that the age of love can not sing to you songs that I often recall for the rest of my life"

you must not have tried. On a cool autumn night, when you had finished half of your homework, you still had no thoughts. You put down your pen, closed your computer, took a thin coat and planned to go downstairs for a walk. Then you went to the playground and sat on the grass. That night happened to be the sixteenth day of the lunar calendar, and you lay looking at the moon. The headphones are "want to waste time with you, short silence, long meaningless,"I want to waste time with you."

you must not have tried. On a winter morning in a heavy sweater, you go to a bakery to buy breakfast and come across someone you have liked for a long time, but he does not see you. "you walk past me alone," the "greenhouse girl" with nothing to say to me.

if you have tried, you will want to meet her with me.