I like the one who thinks too much.

I like the one who thinks too much.
Why do the people around you always take good care of you?

We often encounter a situation when hanging out with friends, that is, "We are all in this area, but we just can't find each other." at this time, we will use Wechat's real-time shared location to find each other. And each time the sharing location is coming to an end, I will wait a few more seconds for the other person to exit the page first.

because an old friend has not seen each other for a long time since she went to Taiwan to exchange, so I have been looking for an opportunity to go to Taiwan to see what kind of school she is studying and what kind of life she is living in.

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at the beginning of summer, I went to Xiamen, took a boat out of the high seas, and the speedboat driver pointed in one direction and said, "that's Taiwan's Kinmen, and we can't get any closer to Taiwan." Hearing him say this, I quickly took out my mobile phone from the boat that was tossing in the waves and turned on Wechat to start real-time positioning with my good friend who was studying in Taiwan.

soon the positioning of the two people was successful, and our avatars were all shown on the map. At that time, I still thought to myself, although I can't meet each other, I can't get any closer to you now, so we still have a sense of intimacy.

but ten or twenty seconds later, her profile picture suddenly disappeared on the map, and she quit. Say, "enjoy your journey."

she said it very easily. I guess she didn't have the same idea of "I'm close to you" as I did. I guess she didn't know how upset I was when I happily watched the distance between us from more than 1,000 kilometers to more than 200 kilometers.

in fact, I didn't specifically tell her about it later. I just learned to locate in real time in the future. No matter how far the other person wants to find me or how far away from me, I will be the last one to quit. Because I know the rest of the people will be sad, especially when they are alone.

there was a time when I stayed at a friend's house. She went to work in the store every afternoon, and I took a nap at two o'clock every afternoon. I remember every time I woke up from a nap, there was a thermos bottle on the white cabinet on the right side of the bed, inside which was hot boiled soup. There was always a beige post-it note under the thermos bottle, and it was always the same sentence she wrote, "I went to work." when you wake up, call me and go to dinner. "

later, the day before I left her house, when I squatted on the floor and folded the clothes one by one into the box, I asked her, "actually, I can cook noodles directly. why do you come back to pick me up every day?"

she said, "because I took a nap at home when I was a child, my parents went to work in the factory. I woke up at six or seven o'clock in the evening and walked vaguely to the living room. Without exception, the living room was dark and there was no one." that feeling, like being abandoned by the whole world, the heart is very lonely. "

"I don't want you to be like me." She paused, closed my suitcase for me, and said.

I told Orange about the above. She said that my friend and I are very strange, so why do we care about these subtle feelings?

I told her that it was because we were too sensitive to these feelings that the people around us were so comfortable with us.

for a sensitive person, he is the one who gives more in every relationship. You think he is "very nice" because he bears the responsibility of taking care of the feelings of both people at the same time.

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in the afternoon, a friend complained to me about how horrible it was to meet some glass-hearted friends. I agreed that yes, there were such people around me, but the more I talked about it, the more guilty I felt. I found that the person I was talking about gradually tended to myself.

I don't know when the glass heart has become a derogatory term for "hypocritical", and the people I see prefer to call it "sensitive" than the glass heart.

I once complained about a friend Gongxin. I asked her out for dinner, but she was not free. I said forget it. She thought I was angry for a week, and a week later she sent me a long letter. 'let's talk,' she said. I asked her what she was talking about with a bewildered face. When she told the whole story, I joked, "Oh, my God, why are you so glamorous?"

I was impressed by what she said to me. 'you can think I'm very glass-hearted and sensitive, but I think I just care about my friends,' she said.

I don't know if you are also a sensitive person. the sensitive experience is that you can extend a hundred possibilities to a random move or sentence by others. So they are easy to be trusted and lose friends.

I once worked as an intern in an advertising agency. I wrote copywriting. I didn't talk much and I was a newcomer, but my boss would always take me to meet some clients. I would always listen to them every time I went there, or they would communicate. And I did my own thing, and I didn't have a sense of existence at all.

once I couldn't help asking him why he took me when I couldn't help.

he told me that because I was sensitive and delicate enough to remember details that most people would not remember, and I seemed to be doing my own thing next to me, in fact, I had written down all the words of each other and every emotional node. In the end, my copywriting will always imperceptibly and naturally express the feelings of the customer.

before, people thought that I had a glass heart, and before that, I never thought that sensitivity could be regarded as an advantage.

because he is sensitive, he always pays special attention to the tiny emotions of others. Because he is sensitive, he always listens more than he speaks. Because he is sensitive, he values his feelings. The glass heart cares about himself, while the sensitive person is not for himself, but for others he cares more about.

"good night. I hope I didn't think too much about tonight's tweet."