I know how to give you the best.

I know how to give you the best.
& quot; disorganized the seventh offline activity & quot

when we were giving a lecture at Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai College, a reader asked about our offline activities. Zhang Jingzhi replied, "to be determined, we are still discussing our plans for October in a few days."

at that time I stood next to him, looking at the microphone clenched by the reader who asked the question and her expectant eyes, while looking at a thorn bush glanced at us and said "to be determined" breathlessly.

I thought to myself that the seventh event should be held so that the participants could return to their original lives with an activity experience that was proportional to their expectations.

so, the seventh event, the second phase of the movie show, is coming this week.

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Last night, after I had dinner alone, I watched two movies in succession, "passing through your World" and "the trail of knights".

recently, as long as you open an APP of city information, there will be movies promoting them on the home page, and quite a few of my friends have gone to see them and rated them in their moments.

it is very strange that two different views have emerged in the moments. Some people say that they were moved to tears three times, while others said that they highly restored the novel and satisfied the taste of the "original Party." but at the same time, another group of people said that the acting skills of young fresh meat were hot and hot, watching the faces of Internet celebrities full of special effects completely out of line with the actors' watches.

so in order to verify their story, I was watching a movie from seven to 11:00 last night. As a result, I regretted it for four hours.

I had a glimmer of hope to find the slightest inspiration for writing, but in the end I brought home only three egg tarts on sale at 11:00 downstairs.

recently, I have been familiarizing myself with the clutter step by step with new writers. Before doing this, Zhang Jingshi and I looked at their resumes and works together. He pointed to one of the articles and asked me, "what do you think of this one?"

I said, "give me a standard so that I can judge what kind of manuscript is good."

then he said, "you can't rely on me to give you standards. For a work, the most important thing is your evaluation of it, and your evaluation is your bottom line." If you don't read enough movies and you haven't seen a good movie, then, in the face of a bad movie, you will think it is a bad movie. If you read a lot of good movies and articles, the aesthetic will naturally go up, and you will not be said to be good-looking, so you will think it is good-looking. "

so in the past two months, apart from writing and doing homework, the only thing I did was brushing the photo list. I began to be able to recommend the best one to my roommate from several books I had read. I began to be able to provide the most useful material for writing from the five movies I have seen.

the most direct effect of aesthetic improvement is to know how to screen and save time, so that you don't have to waste time or even money to consume works that are not worth it.

in this National Day prime time, idol films are wave after wave, and film critics who usually recommend good films to whitewash them are also wave after wave, but we have personally spent money and time to help you see how bad a bad movie is. The next thing to do is to watch a good movie with us.

activity fee: 20 yuan /person

number of people: 100people

Registration method: click "read the original text" and fill in the form.

Post-film sharing meeting: sharing meeting of "Operation Mekong"

activity time: after watching the movie, 16:30-17:30

venue: Dongguan Vanke Plaza Walnut Bar  activity fee: 60 yuan /person  activity number: 20 people

Registration method: after signing up with the "read original text" form, 20 of the 100 people are willing to participate in the sharing meeting.

Note: the deadline for registration is 22:00 on October 6th.

those who are unable to attend due to their own reasons after successful registration are non-refundable.

be punctual and don't be late.

compared with the first episode, this time:

1, Miss No call has bought us more interactive time, giving us a chance to get in touch with new friends, instead of 100 people leaving after watching the movie.

2. Miss Bailey invited the police of the criminal investigation team to tell us about the experience of solving the case at the sharing meeting after watching the movie.

3. For the sharing meeting after watching the movie, we chose a restaurant where we used to have dinner with internal members after the event. In Dongguan, it is known for its atmosphere, music and food, and here we listen to stories and have dinner with us.

the last time I didn't call to watch the movie was the literary film "Picture of the Yangtze River" a month ago. I remember that it was the only literary film I saw in the cinema. I wouldn't choose to do it before, because I felt boring for two hours. It's hard for a person to get through.

but in that movie, 99 other people chose to come in the same way as me. I didn't hear any phone ringing for the whole 105 minutes of the movie. I was not disturbed by the people in the back who kept kicking the stool, and the exasperated bear children yelled.

undeniably, putting aside the content of the film, it was my best movie experience so far.

after watching the literary film, we sat and chatted with several readers in McDonald's. On our mobile phones, there was a constant discussion in the WeChat group. Some people asked why the female owner appeared once in every part of the Yangtze River. Some asked why the trade union on board left halfway, while others asked whether the so-called "fish" meant the ecological environment of the Yangtze River.

I thought it was lucky enough for everyone to get together to watch a popular movie, but unexpectedly, a hundred people began to communicate because of a movie. Because of a movie, and Wechat, "the other party has been verified by your friends, now you can start talking" people really have a follow-up chat.

can find the same topic or even the same person who is interested in movies, so that in addition to watching movies, we have more contacts between people.

Operation Mekong highly recreates the reconnaissance process of 13 Chinese sailors killed in the Mekong River in 2011. Director Lin Chaoxian told reporters that it took the staff five years to collect data from "drug trafficking villages" across the Golden Triangle. as a result, there is a live-fire work in many Chinese-language movies about love and love.

at the same time, this film is a film that we think is more worth the ticket price and can cause us to discuss more than other films in the same period.

therefore, I missed the last no-call movie meeting and missed the last 99 people. I hope you don't miss at least a good movie this time.