I have no support either.

I have no support either.
There is always one thing that others do not take seriously, but they will take it very seriously.

Last night, on the bus back to school, there was a drizzle outside the window. I told lulu that for a while, I began to wonder whether it was right for me to devote myself to one thing, and that I was so busy. Every time a group of people get together, very happy, and then after the activity, we separate at the school gate, I walk alone on the way back to the dormitory, there is always a strong sense of frustration and disparity.

"I dare not stop, because as soon as I stop, I feel like I have nothing."

I was scared. I told myself, why don't I don't take it too seriously, take someone seriously, something, and if it doesn't work out in the end, I'll always get hurt.

I was very fond of books when I was a child. Once I went to my cousin's house. My cousin was moving and tidying up the room. She threw all the books on the shelves into a giant Kraft cardboard box. I said, "that's great. Are you going to move them to your new home?" She said, "of course not. It's all old. I pretended it and threw it away."

I squatted down and picked up a copy from the box. It was A Dream of Red Mansions with a brick red cover. The first time I read A Dream of Red Mansions, I read it from my cousin's study, holding it as if it were a precious treasure.

"you can have it all if you want it," my cousin said casually, throwing two new books into the box.

I suddenly feel a little sad. The things that have been discarded, which are very important to me, don't seem to matter to others at all. But I can't blame her, because there are some things that are not important to others. How can I force them to say, "No, you have to value him as much as I like him?"

in middle school, there was a stray dog in the nursery on the street near my home. It was a little golden hair named Amy. At that time, with the boy I liked, every day after school, he would make a detour to accompany me to see Amy. We would carry it to the nearby park for two or three hours, stay until dusk, and then walk home together.

at that time, I like him, and I also like dogs. He likes dogs, and I don't know if he likes me.

he didn't come at Christmas that year, and then we didn't get together. I heard that he met a nice girl. He never went to see Amy and never showed up in the back alley of the nursery or on the promenade of the park. I still go to see the dog, I still stay for two hours or more, and I still take him to the promenade of the park. I really like him and I really like him.

but then the little golden hair died in childbirth, and I left home to study in another city. When I went back some time ago, I met that boy, and we were all less childish. When we met, we still had a few pleasantries. I finally asked him, "Why didn't you go to see Amy later?"

he said, actually, I never like dogs, I just like you. It's a pity that you really like dogs and never like me.

I suddenly burst out laughing, "after all these years, you still remember." I forgot long ago. "

he said something that might make me remember for the rest of my life. He said that there is always one thing that others do not take seriously, but they will take it very seriously.

after saying goodbye that day, I sat alone on the promenade of the park for a long time. The nursery had been torn down and converted into a florist. I later raised a golden hair and died, and I liked a lot of people, each of whom looked like you.

in fact, I didn't forget, I didn't like it, I didn't take it seriously, I just didn't dare to remember, I didn't dare to like it, I didn't dare to take it seriously. I am afraid that I like the Dream of Red Mansions too much, and it will still be thrown away. I am afraid that I like that little golden hair too much, and it will eventually die. I am afraid that I like that person too much, and he will not be with me in the end. I am afraid that he is too disorganized and disbanded in the end.

there are a lot of people around me who advise me not to spend too much time on writing, because they think what I do is a bunch of kids fooling around, and they ask me, "Why is your life so messy? do you have anything to show off besides it?"

even my mother said, if it's useless, don't waste your time and give up early.

along the way of life, I seem to have gone through countless competitions, intermittent ambition and constant flinching. I used to be afraid that I would give a lot and lose the whole game in the end. So in the end, I didn't dare to ask for my cousin's A Dream of Red Mansions. After two parting with Golden hair, I decided not to keep a pet from now on. Even liking a person seems to have become more secretive, and I no longer dare to reveal my feelings casually.

I thought my life was over, flinching and sneaking around.

until I saw a line from the movie "Guild Wars", you will lose for the rest of your life.

I just found out that I was wrong. Why do I doubt my hobbies and seriousness? It's like meeting someone you like, we should be together, but when people ask me, is that enough for you? So I began to wonder if I would meet someone else I liked better. But as long as I stop and think about it, I know that my favorite person is here.

Last night we surprised Alai for his birthday. Holding cakes and singing birthday songs, we secretly appeared in the box with dim lights, booing him to make a wish, hoping to find a girlfriend as soon as possible.

when I went back, I received his message. He said, "eel whale, my wish is to make chaos my career after graduation."

after I saw this, I didn't reply. I went downstairs to the vending machine and bought a can of Coke. I opened it and sat on the steps of the stairwell. It was raining outside. I replied, "I see. Let's work together."

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recently I have been wanting to take part in a competition. I asked people around me that they were dismissive and said, "it makes sense to participate in this kind of activity."Is it? " I told him that I don't want to be scared anymore, and I don't want to lose any more. I want to take it seriously.

what I want to participate in is the Wrigley National Youth Public Welfare practice Competition, which is being held recently, which is initiated by the "garbage throwing into interest" project and sponsored by the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation and Wrigley Foundation.

aims to gather creative and environmentally friendly college students to use business thinking and innovative consciousness to plan environmental protection plans, participate in public welfare practice, and cultivate their own entrepreneurial spirit in the process of participating in the competition.

of course, it will also have enough "ruthless" rewards, in addition to Wrigley internship letters, 10,000 yuan bonus, and overseas environmental protection study trips, but these are not the key points. The reason why I want to participate, public welfare practice should also be for young people to create more possibilities, and we are that group of young people.

are you timid?