I have been in Guangzhou for a year, but I still can't get used to Haidilao.

I have been in Guangzhou for a year, but I still can't get used to Haidilao.
Some people are only fit to be remembered.

someone immediately agreed: "Haidilao, row number."

it's a street hot pot that costs 50 or 60 yuan next to the university.

but since I left Chongqing and came to work in Guangzhou, I have never had such a kind experience again.

but briefly worried about the past, steaming days.


chat frequently with old friends in Chongqing; and look for Chongqing hotpot restaurants in Guangzhou (though not authentic).

it is often the so-called "familiarity" that allows people to live in a strange city.

I can't help asking: how are those friends who stay at home doing?

or, like me, always eat alone.

just like before, at the dinner table, a cup of mountain city spits out all the worries.

in order to quickly regain a sense of familiarity, I began my first sentence in Chongqing dialect:

"what are you doing?"

then we tacitly hurt each other in dialect, and the atmosphere was once lively and cordial.

she doesn't know what kind of job my new media is, and I can't imagine how boring her institution is.

after putting down the phone, I suddenly realized that there was a river called "choice" between me and my old friend.

the loss continued until the girl who rented next door knocked on my door in the middle of the night.

it seems that people outside are like this. They can't take good care of themselves, and if something goes wrong, they have to ask for help from strangers.

on the way to take her to the hospital, it suddenly occurred to me that everyone probably adapted to the new life like this:

Select a svelte 2 piece prom dresses and draw every attention. Don’t waste your time and money at overpriced retailers – we are here for you.

but began to be aware of those possibilities in the future.


but I just want to say: many people and things are only suitable for being remembered, not suitable for being asked to stay.

so don't regret the distance, because it makes sense.

good night.

are you watching the song /"Wedding Card Street"