I hate him because he matures too early.

I hate him because he matures too early.
When you are drunk, you can pretend to be a koala and don't have to think about anything.

at that time, I was still in the company, staring at the blank computer screen. Pepe was in the group. I said it was raining. Remember to take an umbrella when you leave.

at the same time, in moments, Ah Hua posted a street scene with the words: the rain is a little cold.

I think he should have been caught in the rain and left alone.

Ah Hua was my classmate in college and the president of the student union at that time. He often appears in various activities and is often busy until midnight to return to the dormitory.

: "Dragon clan"? I've seen it, too. "

it's not just me. The next month, he talked to everyone in his class, and everyone smiled unconsciously when he talked to him. When I went to the Internet, I even saw him gang up with roommates I didn't know very well.

A month later, the student union changed and voted, and he became the only one who became president as a sophomore.

he began to become one of the top people in every school. He is included in scholarships, exchange students and outstanding graduates.

I don't know what he's been through. At the final graduation ceremony, he spoke as a student representative, and everyone had to look up at him.

it suddenly occurred to me that Hwa seemed to know from the beginning how to get what he wanted.

coincidentally, when he posted his air ticket to Guangzhou in 1919, I also received an invitation from the editor to try to work here in Guangzhou.

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I said: not alone anymore. Several colleagues often make an appointment to play together.


Last night after three o'clock, I sent a message to Ah Hua and asked, "are you asleep?"

I said it was nothing. I was just working overtime at the company. When I saw your moments, I just stopped by to ask.

"how are you?" I asked him.

have you been drinking again?


"well," after sending the word, I added another question: "Hwa, actually, I have been meaning to ask you if you are very tired because you are thorough in everything."

"I just sent my leader home, and now I'm waiting for the bus on the side of the road, don't you think?"

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