"I don't fit in."

"I don't fit in."
When did you learn not to leave the group?

but for me, who graduated nearly three years ago, this kind of "freedom" does not seem to be taken for granted, it is more like a rare luxury. To what extent is it difficult to get

? I can tell you about my status in the previous company.

in order to look less special, I have to wear long sleeves to cover my tattoos at a high temperature of 30 degrees.

You will be the center of attention in our gorgeous semi formal dresses for teens. We have the perfect selections to cater for all tastes.

all dinners and drinks must be attended unconditionally and show a state of pleasure....

to put it simply, it is a company where you have to blend in with your colleagues, and even everyone exists like a template and there is no room for any individual cases.

but this time, we want to stand with you and tell everyone you want to escape in a different way: "I don't fit in."

I probably just made a decision that most people want to make: "We prefer you to be able to escape from the crowd and live in proper solitude." "

so we have launched this new series--

so, all the time you enjoy being alone will not be called a maverick.

instead of using such an emotional way to pretend not to feel, it's better to label yourself as "unsociable".

be special, but not stand out.

make life different, but not all different.

instead, you can think of it that way, and naturally you can wear it the same way.

after we have the concept, we have designed a total of 6 kinds of sweaters.

the printing pattern of each sweater is based on the word "unsociable", showing looming text in the form of lines, and the first "I" is hidden in it with the same color print which is different from that of "unsociable".

but that's what we're trying to say-- who doesn't slowly break away from the crowd?

that is, you have the opportunity to get the limited edition sweaters of "I don't fit in" series.