I can still do what I can.

I can still do what I can.
There are still 100 million possibilities in the world.


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good evening, I am Tong c. I wrote a paragraph about the beginning of school in my notebook last night. At the end, I wrote, "stand on the balcony of the dormitory after taking a bath in the evening, the autumn wind blows through the woods downstairs, and the air inhaled in the nasal cavity is no longer the dryness and heat of the pre-holiday." this feeling makes people can't help forgiving those who have been obsessed in the past, doing what they missed and ruining their college life. Everything is full of hope again. "

for this sense of ritual, two roommates and I went to the square near the school tonight to have the "first meal of the school". Later, on the edge of an intersection, I saw a little brother singing, his guitar box on the ground, and many passers-by gave him money, even 100 yuan. Out of curiosity, I went over to chat with him and found that he was a junior in a university in the neighboring city.

"I don't want to sing anything. Anyway, the school doesn't start, so let's wander and sing everywhere."

he limped his shoulder when talking to me, as if he didn't care about my surprise at all. I originally thought that the various possibilities chosen by others would not be discovered until we went to a farther and wider place, but in fact, it was not. He sang, and he thought it was happy and indifferent, so he wandered to sing.

there are more possibilities in the world. Don't go so fast and bury them.

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