I am only in my teens and twenties, why should I refuse to grow up.

I am only in my teens and twenties, why should I refuse to grow up.
You have to have answers to everything.

I have read a sentence before, "the most difficult time must be the time of the fastest progress."

for a period of time before me, I regarded it as the purpose of my life, and then deliberately challenged the difficulties, but also made it difficult for myself.

during that time, my writing topics had nothing to do with love, but I found it extremely difficult to write the beginning, because those were not the things I knew best, so I couldn't write love essays in one fell swoop and finish two thousand words an hour.

my writing speed has changed from one article a day to two articles a week, and the quality of both articles is not satisfactory.

I once wrote in a summary: "I find it not easy to do things that I am not good at, and the results are not good. I am hesitant whether I should continue to jump out of my original comfort zone or go back to what I was good at. Do something easier."

I remember Zhang Jingzhi replied to me like this: "if you think change is too painful, keep the status quo, because pain is not a good thing, it will consume your interest."

so later I chose to keep it as it is, because that means I can continue to relax.

in fact, I know better than anyone that if you keep writing like this, others will get tired of it, but at least, if you finish it today, you can finish it with the mentality of "getting the job done" first.

like this, I look very free and easy, as if I can write whatever I want. But in fact, the heart is more anxious than anyone else, more eager for change. But this anxiety made me feel evasive, and after repeating it several times, I compromised.

as Ji Xiao said, "maybe there is no real freedom, just a constant struggle, endless." It's good to realize that you can easily be decadent, you can care less, and you can refuse. Speaking of, maybe free and easy is a kind of rejection, not rejection of the same kind, is a refusal to grow. "

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growth is painful, so I once rejected it and chose to "muddle along" life.

take the IELTS, learn how to write deep words and do exercise. I know these things are very important, but I can continue to stand still tomorrow, no one will see it, will they? These things are important, but it's not urgent, is it? I just need to finish what I'm doing and get a direct sense of fulfillment.

but when I see "have a certain design foundation" and "translation ability is preferred" written on the recruitment requirements of some favorite companies, when I see that the topics with depth but not easy to write have been written by others, I regret it very much. Why didn't I improve myself in the first place? why didn't I do the "important but not urgent" things that are conducive to personal growth?

every time I compromise, I know I'm killing myself a little bit, and that feeling reminds me of a metaphor of thorns: "slackness is like a cat. When you're about to do something, it scrapes your feet back and forth. Let your standing body sit down again, and finally you sit softly on the couch with it, making a sound like this is good."

in fact, it is a very unstable feeling. You know that one day the things you muddle through will stumble you in the future, but the warm-boiled frogs of yesterday and today make you too comfortable to face reality.

I thought I was the only one who "dawdled away without thinking about the future". Finally, one day, something happened to Ah Jiu, she told me: "not only can't muddle along, but also can't get along with others."

when Agu was lovelorn, I chatted with her on the rooftop, blowing the evening wind until 01:30 in the morning.

I asked her, "didn't you have a good relationship before?"

she said, "do you remember that I was busy with the community organization?" At that time, we had to recruit new people, to preach, to solicit sponsorship outside, and to run for chairman. I thought I was very busy at that time, so I took it for granted that I turned down my boyfriend's appointment, because I seemed to think that I would spend a lot of time in the future, work first, and then eat and chat with him later. "

"until then I saw him throw my photo album on the corner of the floor in the dormitory, and I was very lost. I thought he didn't care at all, but he calmly asked me if I ever cared about him. "

I leaned on her shoulder and touched her head with my backhand, and she continued, "actually, I deserve it. I thought that the companionship and communication of my lover is'a long time to come, we'll talk about it later'. But in fact, 'important but not urgent', those matters of community organizations seem to be urgent, but they are random, and it doesn't matter at all. I can't learn what I wanted to learn when I was a freshman and sophomore. "

Agu feels that she doesn't care about the other person first, so the other person accumulates disappointment little by little, and doesn't care about her in the end.

maybe spending time with people around you is the same as learning. You know they are important, but you just don't want to take the time to do it in what seems to be a busy life. As a result, in the end, he put the cart before the horse and only did something "very urgent", but lost someone who was "important or not urgent".

A Jiu, who pretended to be foolish in love and thought he could muddle along, finally stopped pretending to be stupid. Later, Ah Jiu lived a watertight life. Originally, she only worked at three o'clock in the classroom, dormitory and canteen, and began to look for professional materials in the library every day. She, who used to play in bed every night, began to ask others about the ways to take the postgraduate entrance examination and various certificates.

not only that, Ah Jiu even spared the spare debris time such as waiting in line for the elevator and taking the bus to the last stop, and she even downloaded a learning software.

I, who only eat and write manuscripts in class every day, make do with it. Seeing that Ah Jiu is so diligent, I ask sheepishly, "it's like I'm barely muddling along, unlike you."Full of fighting spirit, it seems that nothing will happen. "

A Jiu said calmly and confidently, "I just think that time passes in the same way, so it's better to give more points to your ability." It doesn't matter what you do today, just muddle through. But in the future, who knows how good you will be in order to find a job you like? "

what Ah Jiu said made me reflect: maybe I have a way to muddle along without figuring out things I don't understand in the first place, and then many years later, maybe it doesn't matter what I compromised in the first place, anyway. I've been muddling through all these years.

however, I am only in my teens and twenties. Why should I pretend to be stupid? do I really have to wait until I come out to work later, when I have a chance to be promoted and find that I am simply not competent enough to be competent?

like Ah Jiu, I began to believe in the word "rise abruptly based on accumulated strength", because no one can guess what the future will be like, so wait for the future to come before making a decision. When you are in your teens or twenties, do your best and leave the rest to time.

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