How long has it been since you met someone you wanted to see?

How long has it been since you met someone you wanted to see?
"call him?" "forget it."

yesterday, the music player recommended me a playlist called "how long has it been since you met the person you wanted to see?" at that time, I was in the choreographer class. I was taking notes. I didn't order the playlist, but I paused for more than ten seconds. Then I sent a message to ah annoyance. I asked her, "is there anyone you particularly want to see?"

chat box shows that she is typing, a few seconds later, return to normal, and then a few seconds later, in the input, three minutes later she only replied me two words, "yes".

"then why don't you see it?"

"come on, he should be busy."

in fact, you already have the answer in mind when you ask, just like when we see the playlist "how long haven't you seen the person you want to see", one or two faces flash through your mind quickly? you begin to think about the last time you got along with this person, you opened her circle of friends, you opened her address book, and finally, you said to yourself, forget it, the other person should be very busy.

do you feel that our relationship with many people around us now ends with "forget it"?

Last weekend, I was so busy that I rarely had a free day. When I woke up, the dormitory was empty. Get up, wash, change clothes, I am hesitant in the rare gap, whether to ask a friend to dinner, and then watch a movie.

I struggled with the fact that the Lord didn't ask each other out for a long time, but then I finally opened Wechat. After seeing a message posted by the other person on moments, I still turned off the message that I was about to send out, "forget it. I should be busy."

well, I nodded. In fact, no one was watching my reaction. I seemed to point it to myself. I just wanted to comfort myself to identify with it.

then, I took out the takeout order from the bookshelf, changed my clothes back, opened the updated series, and spent my extremely rare vacation.

then I remembered a song Huang Weiwen wrote for Li Keqin, "No Friends". Some people said that listening to "Best Bad Friends" was cruel enough. I didn't think Huang Weiwen could be cruel enough. The song begins with

every time you want to call someone, someone will whisper in your ear, "forget it"; have dinner with a friend and meet someone who has a good chat at dinner. "do you want to ask Wechat?" , "Oh, forget it"; on a boring summer afternoon, thinking that Lian would not contact his old classmates who had not seen him for afternoon tea, "forget it, what are you talking about?"

the night we saw off Ono, we were sitting on the school playground with cans of Budweiser scattered next to it. I asked her, "call him." She thought for a few seconds and shook her head. "come on, he doesn't necessarily want to see me."

even if you have the last chance, you still dare not take this step. Later, none of you contacted each other, so that I suspect that everyone's address book will have a "forget it". You pause on that name many times, but you always jump over to contact the next person, who may be a friend or someone you like.

and "forget it" doesn't mean that you really think you can "forget it". You don't want to see each other, but you don't want to take the risk of being rejected, and you think it's cheap to take the initiative, and then you comfort yourself by saying, "if he wants to see me, he would have contacted me" and "he wouldn't have died if he didn't see him."

when you are sad when you are young, you will cry, because you think that when you cry, someone will give you candy, and you never think about whether you will be beaten. A child, if he cries once, someone gives candy, he will cry a second time.

but when you grow up, you will be afraid. We do not know when to start. We are very good at self-discipline. An adult who cries once, is beaten once, cries twice, is beaten twice, then he doesn't want to cry a third time.

when we grow up, we have to use our self-esteem to bear the risk of being hanged. Once we rely on and show weakness, we are likely to be rejected and rejected, so we might as well keep our distance in the first place.

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A reader once left a message in the background, saying,'I have a friend who likes me. I don't know if I should see her again and continue to be friends. I was afraid not to see, lost a friend, I was afraid to see, and gave her the hope she mistakenly thought. 'i please a lot of people, but it's not out of my intention, it's just that I don't know how to refuse,'he added.

after reading this message, I suddenly feel very scared, because I am afraid that the people I want to contact will cater to me because they do not know how to refuse. I am afraid that every time you receive my call, you will want to escape and do not want to face me. I am afraid that I will become a burden to the other party in "self-righteousness". I am afraid that your "free" is that you are very nice, not "free because of me".

"forget it", I am afraid that you are good, I can't bear to treat anyone, I am afraid that you just want to please others, I am afraid that you will be the same to everyone, and I am afraid that you will feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

until it rained today, I heard "under Mount Fuji" which wrote "Road Rain looks like Snow". It tells such a story: after breaking up, the hostess chose to go downstairs to her ex-boyfriend's company on a rainy day and worked hard to see him. She wanted him to take him home, and she knew he couldn't bear to see himself in the rain.

the hero knew that she was in pain after the breakup, and even cut her veins and committed suicide, so he began to exhort the hostess in the car that sent her home with heating. He said, "who can own Mount Fuji with love?"

Lin Xi once said, you like a person, just like Mount Fuji. You can see it, but you can't move it. Is there any way you can move a Mount Fuji? There is only one answer, and that is to walk there by yourself.

"under Mount Fuji" is obviously a love story, but I see ours from it.friendship.

I used to think of you as "Mount Fuji". If I wanted to see you, I would take the initiative to come to you, but later I hoped that you could also take the initiative to meet me, but I forgot that Mount Fuji would not move. If you want to see someone, you have to walk there.

then my friends became less and less.

actually it's not embarrassing to see someone.

do not dare to ask, but also blame the other party for not contacting you, repeatedly perplexing and torturing yourself, only embarrassed.

I saw someone say this in the comment section of "No Friends" tonight, "I celebrated my birthday at the age of 18, when I was in high school, I invited more than 40 brothers to drink and drank dozens of cases of beer. Now 28 years old, I just bought three bottles of red wine from the direct purchase store in Lingang Metro today. Well, you can drink it for half a year. "

No wonder some people say, "in my life, I am most afraid of suddenly understanding a certain song."

I think that what people fear most in this life is that when they grow up and become sensible, some people dare not see it.

what about you, how long has it been since you saw your "forget it"?