Fortunately, the moon was not round enough last night, so you looked at me.

Fortunately, the moon was not round enough last night, so you looked at me.
The second letter story.

tell a love story tonight.


Abin, just a freshman.

I dare not judge whether he is handsome or not. Because it is difficult for freshmen to be handsome, three years of high school life often only taught them to bear a thick mushroom head and shovel very short hair roots on both sides. At the same time, because the only thing that can show personality in high school is shoes, so the color matching of shoes must be eye-catching.

this is why you can recognize at a glance who is the freshman and who is the old Youtiao in college.

I asked Abin what his college goals were, and he asked me: "people say they will regret not dating in college, right?"

I said, "I don't know. I've never tried not to date in college."

his glowing eyes let me know that he admired me a little bit more. He clenched his fist in his right hand, raised his head 45 degrees and said, "Brother, I want to date, too."

"OK, but it's no use talking to me. Take your luggage back first."

"Sorry, I'm so excited." He hurriedly took over his dark green suitcase.


Abin said that he was a person who lacked self-confidence, but he repeatedly stated that he did not feel inferior, but he just did not know how to communicate with others.

as long as there are more than ten people at the scene, he will not say more than ten words. And every time he wants to say something, he becomes short of breath, stutters and blushes. It was obviously a very simple personal experience, but he said it like a tear-jerking line, fearing that he would cry in the next second and yell, "I can't go on, don't push me."

but everyone is friendly, get close to him with your ears and say to him, "Don't worry, we're listening to you." He ended the speech with "thank you". Although it took five minutes for just a few words, everyone still applauded.

Abin smiled, laughing freely and naturally, because there are girls he likes in everyone.

of course she is beautiful, otherwise why Abin likes her.

but Abin can't imagine why she likes herself.

so the semester was over, and he still had no more than twenty sentences with her.

Abin came to me and said, "Brother, what should I do if I like someone?"

I said, "then like her."

"how do you like it?"

"buy her favorite drinks, watch her favorite TV dramas, accompany her to where she wants to go, and become the person she likes."

"but I don't know which brand of drinks she likes, what TV series she likes, where she wants to go, and whether she likes me or not."

"you TM to ask."



that night, she received a friend application from Abin: "I want to ask you something."

after passing, she waited for five minutes, but there was still no movement on Abin's side.

she asked, "Hey, what do you want to ask?"

Abin asked, "what kind of drink do you like to drink?"

she sent a "black question mark. JPG" to Abin, saying: "WHAT?"

Abin said: "I like you, so I want to ask you what kind of drink you like, what TV series you like, and where you want to go most."

I told you that the girl Abin likes is very beautiful. So beautiful girls will not be moved by such a reckless and stupid confession.

so the conversation between the two of them is over, and the last sentence is Abin saying: "Ha-ha, I'm sorry, I was just playing truth or dare with my roommates, and their idiots asked me to come to you. Don't worry too much about it."

unexpectedly, Abin lied and was so calm and calm. Although his hand was shaking badly on this side of the phone, he cut off the chat transcript to show me.

I laughed at him: "the young man is very round."

he asked, "really?"

"false, you are hopeless."

Abin never replied to me again. That night, he posted a circle of friends to the effect: "Don't believe what your brother said. It's all bullshit."


the new semester begins again. I heard that Abin buys that girl breakfast every day. The two of them seem to talk about everything and often sit together in class. I sometimes pass by their classroom. Abin looks like a different person. his former indifferent face is gone, always smiling.

but "sit together", not "together", the meaning of the two is too different.

Abin always reports to me on their progress, such as carrying her bags, carrying umbrellas and delivering water in time during the team building of their class. You know, he doesn't care about gentlemanly manners at all. He only cares about her. He said that for a while, all the students in the class were separated, and there were only two of them on that road. Although they didn't talk about any nutritious topics, his hands were shaking all the way.

he said, "I can't help it, so it keeps shaking."

"then she took my hand and asked, 'what's the matter with you?' It was a wonderful moment. My hand was still shaking, but my grip was tighter. "

sometimes she hates that the food in the canteen is not delicious, so Abin rides his bike to McDonald's to buy a plate barbecue set meal.

then call her: "Hey, have you eaten yet?"

she was a little surprised and said, "No."

"would you like McDonald's?"

"do you have a plate barbecue set meal?"


but although she sometimes appears in the back seat of Abin's bike, I often see her in the dating film of a friend who plays photography.

to be honest, she is really beautiful in the picture. But her beauty is special, that is,That kind: "if you look at her alone, her facial features are not particularly good-looking, but when you put them together, you will forget her, but you will inadvertently think of her because of other people's looks."

photos and bicycles represent two different meanings, the former can be used to show off forever, while the latter may only be temporary convenience.


Abin sometimes prefers the girl he likes to be less beautiful, because the more beautiful she is, the more people like her. I don't know if he's showing off or really remorseful.

Abin said to me, "you know, yesterday she posted a circle of friends. It was a photo, but it was a selfie with a man at dinner."

I did not reply to him, because this is the so-called "the overall situation is settled, the noon has come".

Abin invited her to the playground that night.

he asked her, "what kind of drink do you like?"

she said, "Vitasoy."

"what's your favorite TV show recently?"

"it's not like you don't know, I don't like watching TV dramas."

"where would you like to travel most?"

"for the time being, I'd like to go to Shanghai and see the prosperity there. Why are you asking this for no reason? "

"I have been to Shanghai, and when I was crossing the bridge, the taxi driver said to me, 'look, that's the Bund over there.' I looked to the left-hand side, there are all kinds of tall buildings, that is, Shanghai at night, the dazzling lights illuminate the whole Bund, no one pays attention to whether the water on the Bund is clear or not, and their lens will only look at the Oriental Pearl Tower. But if you want to go, we'll go again. I'll lead the way. "

after saying that, Abin's eyes shone with tears. He was obviously talking about the Bund, but he made it sound like he had an affair over there that he couldn't give up.

she asked, "what's the matter with you?"

he said, "nothing. Six months ago, I asked one of my brothers how to like someone. He said: 'buy her favorite drinks, watch her favorite TV dramas, and accompany her to where she wants to go.' Well, I have invited you a lot of vitamin milk. You don't like TV series, so I don't have to watch them, so in the end, there's only one Shanghai you want to go to. "

she pursed her lips, looked away from Abin, and stared straight ahead.

"those ten seconds were excruciating." Later, Abin told me how to describe their ten seconds of stillness.

she seems to have finally figured out what to say. She asked, "but did my brother tell you how to make the person you like like you?"

Abin said: "No."

she said: "next time, before you do these things, you have to tell the other person that you like her, so that they know what you want, instead of treating you as a good friend all the time."

Abin froze, because it was not until that moment that he realized that he had lost not to others, but to himself.

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who says there is no winning or losing in love, obviously only one person can win her heart.

he said, "you're right. I'll remember it next time."

fortunately, the moon was not round and bright enough that day, so Abin's tears were not noticed by the other party.


the next day, Abin sent her two messages.

the first article says: tickets have been issued for auspicious Airlines HO1079 Guangzhou Baiyun Airport-Shanghai Pudong Airport from 22:45 to 01:15 on September 23rd. Yuan Jiabin's ticket number is 018-2333440878. Please check in at the airport two hours in advance.

item 2: "this time" counts as "next time"? I don't have much money, so I can only buy a plane ticket for the evening.

and she only replied in three words: "return it."

on the night of departure, Abin no longer wore that pair of shoes with strange colors, but changed into a pair of white running shoes, a white T-shirt and deliberately made old jeans. Abin is more like an adult than at the beginning of his freshman year.

she won't come. Abin knows better than I do, but he's still looking forward to a reversal of the plot.

but there are some things in this world that can't be won by hard work.


after that for a long time, I went to eat midnight snacks with Abin. I said, "actually, the problem at that time was mainly on me. I said that sentence backwards."

Abin asked me, "which sentence?"

"in fact, it should be to be the person she likes first, then treat her to her favorite drinks, watch her favorite TV dramas, and accompany her to the places she wants to go."

"then how can she be the one she likes?"

this question is too difficult to answer, so I ran to my girlfriend and asked, "Why do you like me?"

her answer caught me by surprise: "because I like you."

when I told Abin this answer, he made me remember: "Oh, I see."

maybe everyone has to go through such a game to understand the unwritten rules of the game in love. When we like someone, we always think that our opponents are those who also like her, so we keep showing her that we have an advantage. But we all got it wrong. We always have only one enemy in love, and that is the person we like.

it is she who decides whether we stay or not in our hearts.

Bin is B

Bin for B

reference Reading: it is not easy for letter stories A

to like someone who is wrong.