Finally, 2020 is over.

Finally, 2020 is over.
Please send yourself a little red flower.

if there is a so-called "bumper harvest year" for growth, then 2020 is definitely a bad harvest year for us.


A Jun majored in tourism management and graduated as a senior in June 20.

probably what happened later, no one thought that A Jun not only didn't need an internship, but even she didn't even have a chance to go out of the house and buy milk tea.

people go through a lot to grow up, but they are not expected to appear at a point in time, just like a party. Shortly after losing her internship, A Jun and her boyfriend also broke up because of a long distance.

when we encounter a single setback, we can comfort ourselves by accident, but when faced with a series of heavy punches, we begin to doubt ourselves: am I not good at all?

Trying to find just the right dress that is not outrageously expensive? hottest special occasion dress may be just what you are looking for. You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

some people say that people's growth is actually completed in an instant. I don't know if this sentence is accurate, but since then, I have seldom seen A Jun appear in the moments.

I replied below: "it's not easy to be alive."

the reason why he said "it's not easy to be alive".

but sometimes it asks you to do multiple-choice questions: which way do you choose to live?

Dad needs an operation on his lower limb, which the doctor says is a low-risk operation. However, even if the risk is not high, there is a certain possibility that permanent trauma will be left after the operation, resulting in inconvenience of movement, so care should be taken with special care.

"Don't even think about it. It's not that I can't take care of myself. Your mother is here."

"what do you know? what are you doing back here?"

at first we were all talking about things, which turned into arguments about who was more experienced, and then everyone was wrestling with emotions and "do you respect me enough?"

just like when we were young, our parents signed up for our interest classes; as adults, we would make decisions without telling our parents.

as a result, the "I quit my job" became a "decision for my parents" and a source of antagonism.

until once my uncle tugged at me and whispered, "he is not only saving face, but also afraid that he will become an encumbrance to you."

inadvertently, the self-confidence of my parents will pass little by little in the face of time and illness.

so I can only hold on stubbornly with "I'm okay".


friends are at a loss about predicament, family anxiety about illness, and their own unknown life, they are intertwined. I was at a low ebb during that time, and I felt powerless about everything.

but obviously, the little boy attaches much more importance to things in his opponent than to his own fall. Instead of looking at where he fell, he checked what was in his hand to see if it was broken.

I asked curiously, "from the teacher?"

"Brother, let me give you one. You just helped me." The little boy said that, without waiting for me to react, he stuffed me with a little red flower and bounced to the distant ward.

in my impression, the little safflower should be distributed by the teacher, and he has no "right" to do it. But the little boy made it and gave it to two people who were at a low ebb:

while I was at a low ebb in spirit.

although that little red flower does not solve any practical problems, it is like a signal to people at a low ebb:


there is a clip:

Ma Xiaoyuan (Liu Haocun) immediately retorted: "do you think God likes them (meaning ordinary people who struggle for life)?" But they've been fighting life, and what about you? Just keep talking. I've been taking a lot of medicine since I was five, and I knew at that time: it's not easy to be alive. "

but looking up, the street is actually full of Wei Yihang-

MV's soundtrack is the movie's song of the same name, "send you a Little Red Flower", in which there are two lyrics: send you a little red flower, blooming in the deepest sand in your heart. Reward you for feeling every struggle of fate.

it turns out later that we are all ordinary people.

but please don't doubt that even in an ordinary life, as long as you keep gritting your teeth, you can feel beautiful and warm-


I remember that in kindergarten, the teacher's little safflower always rewarded the children who showed their colors.

gradually, we think that only outstanding people are worthy of "Little Safflower".

but then reality tells us: "it's not easy to be alive." It's great to be able to live every day with your heart. "

even the most ordinary and ordinary people are the protagonists and the only ones in their own plays.

you have done a good job in 2020. Please put on a little red flower for yourself.

2020 is over, so what's so scary about 2021?