Everyone has an unforgettable ex.

Everyone has an unforgettable ex.
Talk about forgetting, and keep thinking about it in my heart.

when I went to eat midnight snacks a few days ago, I naturally sat down by the window and ordered a bowl of noodles. Later, the bowl of noodles sent by the waiter had chopped onions. I beckoned him and asked him, "Why are there onions in my noodles?"

he asked me doubtfully, didn't you say you don't want spring onions?

I hesitated for a few seconds and smiled and said it was all right.

I hang my head and pick out the chopped onions. I suddenly feel funny and sad. I used to like someone, and the active party will adapt your habits into their own habits. And the one who is taken care of always takes everything for granted, just like there should never be chopped onions in the noodles.

in the past, every time we went to have a midnight snack, I would sit down and wait for it. When he ordered, he would tell the waiter not to put onions in a bowl, and he would form such a habit wherever he went.

I have also formed a habit. I thought there would be no spring onions in restaurants all over the world. I thought someone would order for me wherever I went to eat.

later, I often wonder how long it will take you to change the habit of ordering. I even thought, it's best if you just can't change it, so you must not go to the restaurant to eat noodles in the future, because as soon as you eat noodles, you will subconsciously tell the other person not to put onions on the table, so you will think of me again.

I went out with Chen. When the rain stopped in front of a coffee shop, he pulled out a black umbrella in his backpack. I was surprised, "Don't you never take an umbrella with you?"

he said, "in the past, I didn't take an umbrella, nor did she, but after the rain, we could only be caught in the rain together. It was the first time in so many years that I thought of protecting myself from the rain, so later I got into the habit of carrying an umbrella. Because I know she never brings an umbrella. "

until now, he has never changed this habit. He always takes an umbrella with him when he goes out, whether it is hot or cloudy.

"it's funny that I, who never carried an umbrella before, finally became a person who could borrow an umbrella at any time in the eyes of others."

in the video interview of Qixi Festival's activity "fall in Love for a hundred dollars", almost everyone told me that I had a crush on her at some point, but my ex had such a great influence on me that I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with anyone else for the time being.

then I turned off the video, and I asked one of the boys, "Why does every guy seem to have an ex he can't let go?" He told me a story--

"We used to talk on the phone every night, no matter where I flew to for business, no matter how long the jet lag between us, this habit has not changed. One year I worked for a project for a whole month, one night I was really tired, but I would naturally broadcast that string of numbers, because as long as I heard her voice, I felt at ease. Today can draw a successful full stop, no matter how impetuous outside has nothing to do with me. "

that day, the video call said that he had fallen asleep. As a result, there was something wrong with the wifi at home in the middle of the night. He woke up the next day to find that his cell phone had been deducted a few hundred yuan, and his phone was shut down.

and now he must sleep with the light on every night, and once the light is turned off, he can't sleep. This is the sequela of his predecessor.

the sequela of some people's ex is that they have developed the habit of standing outside and protecting each other while walking the road. The sequela of some people's ex is that they can no longer eat alone, while the sequela of some people is that they must add a spoonful of sugar to drink water.

when many people talk to me about their ex, they will immediately subconsciously retort, "I put it down a long time ago," but most people who verbally say let go of noodles still need someone to order noodles and someone to take umbrellas when it rains. When they can't sleep, they need humane goodnight. What they mean by putting down is that they miss you so much and have to put it down. Sadly, it seems that they have no choice but to pretend to put it down.

admit that you don't want to die, but you don't get a response before you want to die.

it's not difficult to eat noodles with new people, and it's really hard to let go of the old picky eating habits.

@ Tongc

I remember watching a conversation in which a girl's friend asked her, "have you let him go?" The girl quickly waved her hand and said with a relaxed smile, "I forgot a long time ago."

the friend looked at her pitifully and said, "but I haven't said who yet."

the quality of sleep was very poor a few days ago. For several nights in a row, I felt guilty and lost the peace of mind that "after saying good night tonight, you don't have to worry about not having a chance to chat tomorrow morning."

the first thing I do when I wake up every morning is to recover from a nightmare, and the second thing is to think of someone who once let me not have to worry about leaving and made my emotional sense of security not disappear completely.

We each have a name that only each other knows; we write down today's experience every night before going to bed and exchange it with each other. I bought one of his favorite soda cans. I bought the can that my classmate was going to open from the convenience store opposite the school; he wrote my name in the corner of the homework model and chuckled and said luckily the teacher didn't notice.

I don't know if every relationship of all people will be similar. Before we are separated, I will think that the other person is the one who can forgive all the unhappy people in the past, and then in the end, for more or less the same reasons, we will get the end of "Love one, last lesson".

I don't know if everyone will be the same. after half a year, two years, three and a half years, I have spent myself in every piece of music I listen to on the bus and get used to punching in and out of work from nine to five. And obviously ordinary live into a normal working gear in the city, obviously have a new ability to meet and love, but because of a cup of black tea, a gray shirt, think of all in the past period of time.

Grab yourself a piece of teenage prom dresses and accentuate your ensemble to bring out your elegance. Quit searching from expensive retailers!

some time ago, the eel whale came to my house. As soon as he entered my room, he pointed to dozens of soda cans on the cupboard and asked me, "you."Why do you collect so much? " I really didn't remember why I collected it at that time, because it was there every day, and it made me feel a little insensitive. After writing the above words in the hotel room, I remembered that I collected the soda cans and gave them to him because he liked them very much.

it's a pity that I can't wait, and those jars have been kept for too long and there are dust stains on the mouth of the bottle. They have been washed twice, but they are still not clean. I think I might as well throw them away.

I can't wait anyway.

it's strange that I've written so much for you.

I obviously thought I had forgotten you.

@ Zhang Jingshi

I have a good friend who has been dating his girlfriend for five years and broke up. I witnessed the whole process of them being together, showing love, then cold war, quarrelling, reunion, cold war, and finally breaking up.

what is his biggest difference before and after the breakup?

that is, before the breakup, I talked to him most about games, and after the breakup, our topics all focused on women.

over the past year, he has always told me about girls he has met recently, frequent bartenders, sisters who used to be in the same high school, and female friends who even don't know why they have Wechat.

when he talks about them, he seems to be showing off:

"her eyes are big, but she's a little short."

"I think she must like me, otherwise why would she ask me to see a movie?"

"do you think I should try it with her? she's quite independent."

but every time I encourage him to "give it a try", he immediately refutes me with 10,000 reasons and explains to me why that girl is not suitable for him.

I asked, "you already have the answer in mind, so why are you asking me?" You just can't forget her.

he called me "farting" and took out the prepared evidence to tell me that he had deleted all contact information and all her circle of friends. At last he wanted to show me his heart to prove that there was no her in it.

but forget someone, how can you prove it?

he jokes about "forgetting" and "missing" with all kinds of jokes in moments every day, but he never forgets a moment and never sincerely thinks that he really missed it. The so-called show-off, rebuttal and self-deprecation are all "unforgettable".

at 2 o'clock in the morning the day before yesterday, I suddenly received a phone call from him and he asked me if I was asleep.

what do I say?

he said she had a boyfriend.

I asked, how do you know?

he said she posted her moments.

I asked, go out for a drink?

he said, no.

after he finished, he hung up the phone.

Today I came to Shanghai, saw the lights, thought of you, and you

the most touching words I have ever heard:

"you left, leaving a box of Vitasoy"