Event planner | I hope you don't miss all the opportunities to make progress.

Event planner | I hope you don't miss all the opportunities to make progress.
What are you waiting for?

for a long time, we hope to ease the troubles of young people through words.

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but as time goes on, we find that we need more ways to ease the troubles of young people. Therefore, we want to hold more interesting and alternative activities to make the young people get together to make more unassailable possibilities. At the same time, it adds a stroke to the cultural innovation atmosphere of the young people in Dongguan.

We are on our way

so far, we have held 6 activities

vpark sharing meeting

12-hour study overnight Big Bang

Metro rescues blind youth

A hundred people can't come to the cinema to realize their 100-yuan love with Qixi Festival

. The following is the feedback from the participants @ Huang Peiwen to participate in the event: twelve hours of annoyance

the moment of dawn was very moved. after a night of sharing and getting along, I wonder if other people will feel the same way with me. Troubles are not that important anymore. It's good to be alive at that moment, because more people will meet, more things will be experienced, new life will replace old people and things, and troubles are not so important. Happy to live in the moment

@ meaning to participate in activities: twelve hours of annoyance Big Bang

what impresses me most is that at 07:00 in the morning on the roof of the elevated floor, there were more than 20 strangers bathed in the first touch of sunshine in the morning. More than 20 bottles of Vitasoy, at the end of the activity, everyone has changed from being well-behaved at the beginning to talking to each other, telling each other their troubles, and feeling youthful to each other. At that moment, it was like taking off all the masks worn in life. @ attend activities on National Day holiday: do not come to the cinema and share pictures of the Yangtze River

what impresses me most is the atmosphere of watching movies. Because I said in advance not to use mobile phones in the process of watching movies, everyone consciously obeyed them. Even if I am sleepy, I will not take my mobile phone out to play and immerse myself in the film.

Zhi Zhi likes watching movies very much, but most of them are foreign films from the public. This movie experience is the first time to come into contact with a film like the Yangtze River map, and it feels very different. When it is over, I will start to see some of these movies.

We hope you

have experience in event planning

fresh ideas, enlightened thinking

identify with clutter, and know what we want to do

can set aside a fixed time each week to work with us

if you want to join us, please send your resume and an event planner to our email.

email address: [email protected]

email title format: event planner + coordinates + name

deadline for registration: September 23rd 16:00

I hope you don't miss all opportunities for progress