During the summer vacation, the thing I was most afraid of finally happened.

During the summer vacation, the thing I was most afraid of finally happened.
I don't know if you're like me.

/one /

one day Zhang posted a picture of a white humanoid model in a clothing store, with a hand on the ground, which was the missing right hand of the model. I replied, "this model must be tired of writing." he said, "this is good."

in the face of his approval, I don't think I'm funny at all, because every time I open word and write a manuscript, the number of words goes from zero to 2300, and then I turn it off, lean back, open my back, shake my hand out a few times, and breathe a sigh of relief. I always say, "Oh, I'm so tired."

in fact, this process of typing out thousands of words does not make people become like that model, breaking their hands, but in the long run, it is easy to make their wrists sore and their fingers stiff.

the most important thing is that too much time and energy is spent on it, it is like a huge green monster, entrenched in my calendar, using the countdown to remind me that "you have no spare time to play with friends and family."

/2 /

I forgot the day when my summer vacation began. I only remember that the driving school coach called the day before the holiday, so in the first week of the summer vacation, I was at home except sleeping at night. The rest of the time in the driver's seat.

Do you wish to be a Cinderella in a high quality but cheap silk evening dresses? Perfect for formal functions or informal parties.

later, I moved out because of my internship. Before that day, I only stayed at home for a week. I was packing at noon that day, sweating my hands and feet and trying to close the overloaded suitcase. My mother opened the door and asked, "are you leaving?" I said, "well, afternoon."

then she asked again, "when will you be back?"

I said, "maybe not much."

the first night of the dormitory where I moved to the internship place, I have been in a single cycle of Jay Chou's "Daoxiang", listening to "Don't cry and let the fireflies run with you, the country ballads rely on forever, go home, go back to the original beauty", while repeating the dialogue in my heart, "when will you be back?" "maybe not so much."

I have a hunch that this conversation will happen again in the next many parting moments, leaving school, internship, marriage, but the only constant is that every time I enter a new stage, I have to leave once, and then when I leave, I figure out how much balance I have for the summer vacation and how long I can stay at home.

/3 /

in fact, I was supposed to go to the seaside a few days ago. I already made an appointment with my high school classmates during the summer vacation, but the night before I went, I said, "I'm so tired. I'm not going." I can no longer afford to go to the beach for barbecue and swimming parties because I do two activities in another place in a week, but another more important reason is that I want to go home. I can't think of any place where I can walk around barefoot in my hair and shorts. I can't think of a table where I can kick off my slippers and straighten my feet while laughing and picking away onions that I don't eat.

the longer I work as an intern away from home, the less my summer vacation balance, the more I cherish the wasted time I spent at home. There is a famous saying hanging on the wall of primary school. I always remember that there is a saying from "how steel is made", "Don't regret wasting your time." my understanding in primary school is, don't waste your time, because you will regret it. After college, when I have less and less time to stay at home, I understand it as: don't feel remorse for wasting your time, you can spend it with peace of mind, because there are not many opportunities to do so.

/4 /

some time ago, I taught a teacher to volunteer. She naively asked me, "do you have much summer homework in college? is the summer vacation full?" I said, "there is no summer homework in college, it is not full. Every day in college is a summer vacation."

in my mind, every day at school is more like a summer vacation than it is now. It only needs to attend classes occasionally, finish homework occasionally, and spend the rest of the blank time freely, which is equivalent to the summer vacation of almost a whole school year. So I don't care about the balance of summer vacation. I only care about how much time it can leave for me to waste my time at home.

if you can, I still hope you can walk slowly during the real summer vacation. I still haven't seen many people yet. I haven't made an appointment with spicy grilled fish and beef hamburger with rice cakes and hot pot.