Don't hang on. I'll stay with you tonight.

Don't hang on. I'll stay with you tonight.
In fact, we will not be happy.

I haven't seen you for a long time. I'd like to chat with you in words tonight and tell you about our recent situation.

I haven't been doing very well lately. How about you? are you any better than you were a few days ago?

after the technical rock night performance, my teammates were busy selling piano and equipment, joking that they wanted to have a good break-up meal, but I couldn't laugh at all. A feeling of lovelorn haunted me all the time.

the other day the eel whale asked me if I was very sad, and I said, if you think about the chaos, if it suddenly breaks up, you will probably feel some of it.

as a matter of fact, I was suddenly out of breath because of a lot of things recently. I only had time to be sad when I was free. I typed and deleted my writing on the keyboard in the early hours of last night, thinking, "what rubbish is written?" and fell asleep in front of the computer.

the long summer is over and winter is coming.

I don't know if this is the reason why people around me don't seem to be doing well recently, even if they don't say so.

Tongc's moments have been deleted again, Zhiyuan is blaming himself for not writing well enough, the eel whale's avatar has turned gray again, and lulu is still worried about whether or not to return his message.

Zhang thorns? I have no idea. He is the editor-in-chief, and he can't show his sadness.

three days ago, we held a "secret room lovelorn farewell party" at the Youth Travel Service. When it was my turn to tell my lovelorn story, I said, I don't know how to say it, but I can't tell it.

in fact, this is a common problem in the editorial department. although everyone has a desire to talk to us, we are all used to using words to talk to ourselves, and we are not good at confiding our feelings to anyone.

We are always telling other people's stories and picking up other people's heartbroken famine. As written on the disorganized slogan, we have been "using words to ease the troubles of young people". In front of the readers, we are the optimistic and intimate Tong c, the cold and gentle eel whale, the life mentor and chicken soup distributor Zhang Jingsui, the elegant future angel Zhiyuan in white, and the distant summer that I don't know how to describe.

I feel happy to see readers say in the comments section that they are moved by our words or have made some changes because of our words, and I think they are the same.

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but who will ease our troubles?

the thorn asked me why I wanted to join the mess. In addition to those high-sounding reasons, there is one thing I did not tell him, that is, the "sense of belonging".

I have been alone for a long time. It is false to say that I like to be alone. I just don't want to be gregarious for the sake of gregariousness. In fact, I don't know how much I yearn for the warmth of hugging together with people with the same ambition, and enjoy the pleasure of using words to make a fire for tens of thousands of people.

words are cold things that can be used to keep warm, but because we inject emotion into them, but because you treat us as friends.

We are all ordinary people. We are not far away from you. We also have seven emotions and six desires. Even because of our emotional delicacy, we are more likely to feel sad about trivial things than most people.

sometimes I always think that it would be nice if you could jump out of the screen, hold an ice-cold bottle of Vitasoy next to my cheek and say to me, "Don't be sad for the summer. Please drink Vitasoy."

but don't worry too much. I know you've been waiting for me, so I must cheer up and maybe secretly sing you a song.

Thank you for listening to me for so long. Good night.