Do you know why you are still single?

Do you know why you are still single?
I don't come to the cinema.

I have a friend named Lao Huang who has known me for 6 years. He is 180 tall, handsome and white, and has a good and considerate personality, but such an excellent man has never been able to find a girlfriend.

every time he mentioned this, he shook his head helplessly. He asked me if there was something wrong and why he couldn't find a girlfriend. Is it true that only scum men are liked?

this problem perplexed me for a long time, super long, until the moment I got out of the single, I suddenly realized.

one. How many people can you meet in this life

Why do some people feel considerate, honest, honest and self-improvement, but seem to be cursed and unable to live or die without the fate of a single dog?

there are many reasons, but the general premise of this case is that he has his own requirements.

it's not hard to drop all the demands and want to fall in love at all. The real question for single dogs is "Why can't I meet someone I like?"

I found a very interesting thing, take myself as an example, the number of college classes, 50; the number of community departments, 30, suppose I later do my own professional path, become a programmer, the work unit knows about 50 people.

if I work hard for 1.1 and a half years to change my job, then in the ten years from my 20 to 30 years old, if I don't do extra socializing, I can know about 313.3333 people, with a male-to-female ratio of 1:1, so there are only 161.6666 girls I can know in this decade.

have you found that if I don't do some "non-essential" social activities, I can only find a wife from these 161.6666 people. According to this calculation, it is really normal not to meet the person you like.

II. I heard that you also don't bother to make friends

Last night wyn posted an article, "are you getting too lazy to make friends?" "for a while, it caused a huge wave in my circle of friends.

A lot of people say that this is the voice of my heart, but I really want to ask, really? Are you sure you are really too lazy to make friends instead of afraid of making friends?

I told Lao Huang that there are not many people you can meet in your life. Only by meeting more interesting people can you get out of order. Lao Huang tells me every time that he is lazy.

once I saw him staring at a girl in a cafe, then hesitated a few steps and then left, and then I was sure that he was scared and he didn't have the courage.

this is also normal. There is only one way for us to find new friends from childhood, and that is to start school. No one taught us how to do those superfluous but important social activities. Teachers didn't teach us, and parents didn't teach us.

it's ridiculous. Socializing is a brand new thing for many people, and it's normal to be afraid of new things.

but is this what you want? And end up finding one out of 161.6666 people for the rest of your life?

3. Hope to meet you too late

it's not hard to understand these truths. The hard thing is that even if you see it here, even if you itch to meet some new and interesting friends, even if it's not for a relationship, you're still a little afraid to socialize.

give it a try? Why don't you wait for you at the cinema on this Friday of Singles Day?

this movie ticket set is 40 yuan, including two tickets. For a single dog, you can invite someone you like to see it, or invite a friendly stranger to see it on the way, or even go to see it yourself.

when you see who is also sitting in two seats, please pluck up the courage to ask: "Hello, may I sit next to you?"

at the end of the movie, we will hold a "life confession meeting" in the cinema. You can walk into the confession room when the whole audience closes their eyes. No one can see you, and you can't see anyone else.

in this confession room, you can talk about yourself as much as you want, perhaps to express your love, or to say that you are very happy today, or that you have been troubled recently.

this may be the only time in your life that you talk and laugh to so many people who don't know you. Of course, you can also be a listener quietly and listen to the sad music in this small cinema.

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you may gain a friendship on this day, maybe it will be a love, I'm not sure, but what I'm sure is that you will get an interesting and rare experience and the most precious courage.

Don't say "forget it, I'm lazy" this time, okay?


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three, don't be afraid, try, change.