Did Mom and Dad look like us when they were young?

Did Mom and Dad look like us when they were young?
How come your favorite dish has never appeared on the table?

when chatting with friends in the afternoon, I talked about Zhang Liangying. In fact, I didn't have its context. It's just that when I read in the open letter, Zhang Liangying's mother used a lot of space to talk about her daughter's equity in the company. I have some understanding and sympathy for why she attaches so much importance to this point. I think she should also be a middle-aged and elderly person with a very "disciplined" idea. I hope her daughter will not be cheated. I hope she has a way back for money.

my mother has been chatting a lot since my freshman year, asking me to save the rest of my money. Every time I told her what I had recently received for advertising and simply wanted to share my joy with her, she would repeat the saying 800 times: "Don't spend all your money if you have any money. Girls should save some money in the bank." you can solve everything by yourself. "

so when I told her that I had spent half a month's living expenses to buy tickets for a concert, her first reaction was, "what are you doing with this money? give it back." In her opinion, listening to music can directly use the mobile phone, instead of going to another city to spend thousands of yuan on room and board plus tickets, and then the party ends in two hours.

that night I asked her, "have you ever had a firm belief because of an idol, and your hardest and hardest moments are spent by such a person with some words?"

while watching TV, she said calmly, "No, I bought most Andy Lau stickers when I was young." It was so calm that I wondered if she had had puberty and idolatry like me.

so I'm not angry at all that she doesn't understand me. On the contrary, I understand that I can't ask a middle-aged woman who hasn't fallen into a period of unexplained fanaticism and hysterical worship of a star in adolescence. To pay for my star chase. When she was young, the world was never as wonderful as mine. How could I expect her to agree to what I wanted to do?

my mother has a friend who was my English teacher at that time. His name is Miss Liu. Mr. Liu's husband happened to be my PE teacher at that time, tall and handsome, with curly hair and big eyes, like a foreigner. I still think he is very good-looking. On the other hand, Mr. Liu is an unremarkable-looking person who is 1.6 meters tall, has short hair and small eyes, and even has some buckteeth.

every time I mention these two people, I will say that they look so different and why they can still be married for so many years. My mother opened her model of earnestness and earnestness and said, "teacher Liu has the strength to get a professional title every year, take care of children and live a family life. Which is not more important than being good-looking?" If you learn more from others, I can rest assured that you will be admitted to a teacher in the future and lead a stable life. "

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in her opinion, a woman who has a stable job in the system can continue to work normally after giving birth, find a reliable family to live in, and have a pair of healthy children like her, is a lifelong pursuit.

so she extremely hoped that I could take the "broad road" she envisioned: trying to find ways to persuade me not to sign up for a major other than a normal school, explicitly implying that I would give that boy with a good local household registration more opportunities, and constantly praising me in front of some well-connected relatives and friends.

whenever she does this, I always say, "you're so annoying. I'm almost 20 years old. I'll think about it myself. Can you help me figure everything out? I don't meet bad guys as soon as I go out. I will do bad things if I don't go home at night." an unstable work life will turn into a stumbling girl. "

I said this to her impatiently again on National Day. She was wiping the table for a long time before turning to me, who was paralyzed on the sofa, and said, "in a few years you'll have to live by yourself, and then you won't hear me chatting anymore."

when she said, "I'll never hear you again", I panicked for no reason. Nothing happened, that person was still tied up in front of you, and she was very annoyed with a lot of things, but you were afraid.

when I was quiet, I wondered why she always said the same thing so much that one would only repeat it thousands of times when he was afraid that others would forget what she said. What about her? is she afraid I'll forget?

Yes, I think it's because she hasn't lived a life like me and hasn't been cared about.

when she first got married, she lived a life of financial hardship because her father's career was not successful, from a daughter of a rich family to a wife who was "suddenly" weaving and shearing in front of the textile machine day and night. In the later days, she lost her father and was lonely, supporting her father's career and raising a pair of children, while comforting her grandmother and young uncle.

thinking that she has never held out her hand and mouth like me, I can understand why she has been worried about my future for more than a decade. She is afraid that I will live like she did. Unhappy and not rich, so she treats me like a deaf, repeating her expectations in one ear and out the other.

she forbade me to go abroad. She said, "if you see a better and bigger world outside, do you think you will come back?" What are you going to do if you don't come back to see me? I've supported you for so many years, but who will support me in the end? "

I used to feel aggrieved. I never thought that the adventure I longed for was linked to the life of a parent in his old age. It seemed that all her kindness to me was bought with my freedom.

but that day I got up early at seven o'clock to have breakfast in the dining room and saw her watching TV. I thought it was very strange at that time. I never knew she had the habit of watching TV.

I asked her, "so you like watching TV?"

she said, "it's too quiet. I'll watch it when you're not at home."

I turned my head to eat porridge, tears fell, and I said to myself, "the adult's world is so small that it is only us."

Junior high school and high school rebelled for many years and quarreled with her many timesTaking advantage of the fact that Zhang Liangying's mother opposed her marrying Feng Ke, she finally made it clear that those things that her mother opposed, in fact, as long as we thought about what each other had been through, we went into her world instead of making a loud noise on the other side. We can understand "why she wants us to do that."

I went to dinner with my roommates this afternoon. There was a pinch of parsley on a plate of vermicelli. I didn't like the taste, so I picked them all out. Later, when we discussed whether some people were born unfond of it, I said, "my mother likes it very much. Maybe she was born with it."

after I said that, I felt that something was wrong, because for so many years, there never seemed to be a trace of parsley on my table.

when my roommate saw me holding my chopsticks motionless, she asked me, "what's the matter?"

I said: "nothing, but suddenly found that some sacrifices, really ask for nothing in return, quietly."