Can you stop turning your back on me when you go to bed tonight?

Can you stop turning your back on me when you go to bed tonight?
Maybe it's a good thing when your boyfriend doesn't love you so much.

then asked about his response, he changed the subject and said, "have you eaten yet?"

this is definitely a problem.

my boyfriend still stared at the computer screen and didn't even look back at me who was drenched by Rain Water.

"Wow, it's raining outside."

but the eyes he handed over were so innocent, as if I was the one who did something wrong.

what I'm trying to say is that I was drenched by the torrential rain, but you didn't notice it at all. You didn't even know that today was my period.

when it comes to words, forget it.


when he first fell in love, he exaggerated so much that he couldn't help secretly kissing me in the mall.

so after calming down, I decided to have a showdown:

I thought he would realize that he had gone too far after listening to my complaint and find a way to explain it.

"Yes, have you eaten yet?"

looking at my obviously suppressed anger expression, he added carefully: "I've been working lately, and I've been very busy."

it's not that I haven't tried to change.

but none of the methods worked.

he was not used to my sudden enthusiasm, even at a loss.

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I've given up trying to please him. I'm really tired.

in the evening when I have nothing to do after work, I lean against the lamp in the corner of the living room and read, while my boyfriend sits not far away facing the computer.

that is to say, he will love me more because I don't go to him.

I can only go out to the night market alone and bring him a bottle of soda and sea salt on my way home by the vending machine.

it's strange, isn't it? It's just a passing concern, and it's even more popular with him than a deliberately arranged date.

I thought it must be some game commentary, basketball reviews and so on.

"not watching the game." Boyfriends used to be aggrieved.

and going to Bali is the last item I wrote in my New year's resolution on New year's Eve.

speaking, there is actually one little thing that moves me.

just like he habitually buys himself a lighter.

Men's ideas are so strange that I don't feel ashamed of running on the subway at all.

here, there is nothing to struggle about:

finally, one small request (if my boyfriend can see this tweet),

when I go to bed tonight, can you not turn your back on me?