Can you hold on to what you love until next year?

Can you hold on to what you love until next year?

so I went to school as a teacher, obviously very tired, writing the lesson plan very late, still can not sleep.

the uncontrollable impulse made me understand that it is not only difficult to adhere to the ideal, but even more difficult to let go of that "love".

when "salty" popped up in my mind, I froze.

there is some "love", which is sour at first.

I want to be a civil servant. At first, it was funny to say that I envied my father that many people liked it.

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I was peeking under the door, thinking that I had never been liked so much by my classmates.

however, with the passage of time, the halo of civil servants becomes less and less. By the time I was about to graduate from college, few students around me wanted to take the public entrance examination. Because they thought the job was too secure and didn't have much momentum.

in addition to the one two days ago, I have taken the civil service exam four times now. My friend told me not to hang from this tree.

even if I understand the boredom, I am still willing to continue to work hard in it.

@ Seven fireflies.

after persuading my parents to be fruitless, in order to continue to fight, I had to "cheat".

I lied to my family that I came home late because I was studying in a cram school, and in order to panic, I had to get up in the middle of the night while my parents were asleep and finish the homework left by the cram school.

but even so, my lie was exposed at the cost of spending the rest of my vacation in solitary confinement.

at that time, I felt that "love" was really bitter,

spicy, not because I wanted to give up, but because I could not have given up.

there is a formula racing team in the school, which took me two years to get in.

brother said, I am too weak.

at that time, I thought, I might as well not do it, so it wouldn't be so painful if I didn't get it.

after half a month of patience, I went back.

Sorry, it's not because I thought about giving up something I like so much, but because I wanted to give up just because I didn't play.

"sweet" cannot be mentioned alone.

if you have really done something for a long time, you will find that "sweetness" should always pervade the whole process, and this sweetness is also the key to distinguish "whether you love something or not".

she doesn't understand why? Obviously I have worked very hard, but why not? The intern asked his roommate, "are you so tired from work?"

later, she almost collapsed, and the situation didn't improve until she really began to notice what she was doing and enjoy the process.

the Wanyi Hotel appreciates the young people who have not given up their love.

"waiting" means that even if you lose the harvest, the sweetness caused by your "love" can offset some of the suffering when you "can't get it" and give you the motivation to move on.

comes from the combination of "passion fruit, fire dragon fruit and oolong tea", which is defined as the taste of "love to move forward". It is especially suitable for us to stop and take a sip when we are confused. With the sweetness and long-lasting fragrance of its entrance, we can calm down again and find our way.