Can you accompany me on Singles Day?

Can you accompany me on Singles Day?
I want to ask you out.

after the last time I didn't come to the cinema, on my way back from the cinema, Da Chen called me and asked me out for midnight snacks.

I was a little angry because the week before he told me excitedly that he finally plucked up the courage to ask the goddess not to come to the cinema for the second episode, and the goddess readily agreed.

but I waited at the scene for a long time on the day of the event, and the two of them didn't come.

that night we had a barbecue at midnight. I ordered grilled chicken wings and he ordered half a dozen beers.

Why didn't you come today? I asked him.

he told me what happened. When he was thinking about what kind of clothes he would wear to the appointment, the goddess sent him a Wechat and asked him, "shall I call Lao Gao?"

Lao Gao is not only a good friend of Da Chen, but also a child of the goddess.

"so what's your answer?" I asked Dachen.

"I replied to her," then you go, I'm not going. "after that, Da Chen looked up and took a sip of wine.

after hearing this, I blew up and scolded him: "are you stupid?"

he yelled back at me, damn it, don't you feel very angry? I asked her alone and asked me if I wanted to call someone else, so she could just go with Lao Gao.

well, typical straight man thinking.

I asked Da Chen, "but have you ever thought that if she really wanted to call Lao Gao, she would have called directly because of their relationship, and specially came to ask you why?" Are you usually so polite? "

"what do you mean?"

"people ask you to say no! She probably just wants to make sure that you ask her out because you like her, or because you treat her as a friend. If it's the former, you say no. If it's the latter, you can say yes. It's a game. How can you be so stupid? "

I told him that I was actually the same person in the past. I never dared to take the initiative to ask someone out for a drink. Obviously, I could directly ask the other person if they would like to go out for a drink, but they must post a group-visible circle of friends, saying, "it's a beautiful day today. I really want to go out for a milk cap."

then I am clutching my phone and checking Wechat every five minutes to see if the other person has left me a comment.

after hearing this, Da Chen said, "I didn't expect you to be so arrogant."

I put down my chopsticks and said, "actually, I'm not arrogant. I just want to see if the other person doesn't care about me." Sometimes girls are like this, hoping that someone can cater to their own 'Aojiao' and accompany them to finish the play. So I know your goddess may be so proud, but you screwed it up. "

after thinking for a long time, Dachen looked up and asked me, "is it still useful for me to go to her now?"

I said, "it's no use asking me this question. You have to ask her."

Dachen gave a "oh" and drank another cup.

until the early hours of yesterday morning, when I came back from a week of style gathering in Dali, he asked me out for midnight snacks again. Without drinking this time, he invited me to drink Coke. He asked me: "I want to ask her out, I want to accompany her to play, can you help me this time?"

I thought about going back in the evening for a long time. At two o'clock in the morning, I found my good friend Miss who didn't call. I asked her, why don't we set the third episode of the cinema on November 11.

when I woke her up, she was a little puzzled and asked, "Why?"

I thought for a moment and told her a story.

there are two days I dare not spend every year. One is November 11 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, Singles' Day. Every year, I either spend it alone or have a dramatic break with my ex on November 10. One is 11.11 of the lunar calendar, which is my birthday.

so I wear a "double 11" spell on my head, so that my friends always complain that it is no wonder that I am destined to be "single to the end". Every time I cater to their complaints with a smile, and then on these two days, I hide and dare not ask anyone out. I turn on the TV as loudly as possible and pretend to be very busy.

over the years, I no longer seem to be sad, but it has become a habit to spend Singles Day alone. I seem to be used to loneliness, to being alone, to not taking the initiative, and to waiting.

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it wasn't until the chat with Dachen last month that I realized that, like him, I only use my own set of criteria to measure the pros and cons when things happen.

because of his straight thinking, he personally cut off all possibilities with the goddess. Because of the so-called "habit", I feel that it is "impossible" to be with anyone. When I meet someone I like, I begin to convince myself, telling myself, "give up, you can't be with him."

so, I want to give you a chance to do something different through "Don't come to the Cinema" on November 11.

the third issue of not coming to the Cinema

watch the movie: Billy Lynn's halftime

time: November 11th 2:00-5:00

venue: Dongguan East Wanda Plaza Wanda Cinema  activity fee: 40 yuan (double tickets, this event is only available for double tickets)

ticket limit: only 75 sets of tickets (tickets are limited, first-come-first-served).

Registration method: click "read the original text" at the end of the article and buy directly.

Note: there is no registration this time, just buy the ticket directly.

at that time, you will redeem the ticket on the spot with the payment information.

those who are unable to attend due to their own reasons after the successful purchase of the ticket will not be refunded.

be punctual and don't be late.

Why did you come to see this issue instead of coming to the cinema?

1. Miss who doesn't call for usIt won the viewing venue of Wanda Cinema on the east side of Dongguan, which is one of the few cinemas in Dongguan that can support the 60-frame version of "Billy Lynn's halftime War". (note: there is no cinema that can play 120 frames in Dongguan)

2. This may be the only movie with "double tickets only". You can use "do not come to the cinema" as an excuse to do something different.

of course, if you have only one person, it doesn't matter, because I think it will be more fun if you have half the seats in time and space.

third, we set up the "confession Room of Life" at the end of the film. Forgive me if I can't elaborate too much, because there are some surprises that need your personal participation to feel.

4. We have set up a "Story Museum", which collects countless stories seen in the messy backstage or message area, so that everyone can leave with the stories after reading them.

finally, I would like to remind you of three points:

one, if there is anything you don't know, you can add Miss Wechat (DgMovieLife2016) for consultation. Please also successfully purchase tickets to add Miss Wechat, we will pull a "do not call the movie party" offline group to facilitate communication.

two, click "read the original text" to enter the disorganized micro-store to buy tickets directly, leave a WeChat account when buying tickets, and then redeem the tickets with payment information.

three, don't be afraid, try, change.