Because of you, you are willing to put yourself at risk.

Because of you, you are willing to put yourself at risk.
"Love is to take risks, not to watch the fire from afar."

Button spent some time in the student union when she was a freshman. When she was preparing for the party, she got a Wechat from a boy she liked in the name of her job.

for the next seven days, the buttons spoke to us with the pride of "he must have noticed me, too." According to the degree of blush on the button's face, she was going through a period of peach luck, during which she abandoned us to have dinner with others alone and stroll around the playground, and went back to the dormitory after the door was banned at night.

until the eighth day, she neither giggled nor looked at her cell phone in class. She just propped up her chin and read, rather than reading, she looked at the paper in a daze. Her eyes did not blink, there was no expression on her face, and anyone could see that the silly girl was sad.

so I went to set her up: "how do you express your love so soon?"

she gently pushed me away with her chin-propped hand, leaving a reddish handprint on her face. It's still red, but it's not the kind of peach blossom in the face, it's the kind that gets hit in the face.

"is it more sad than this? I don't even have a chance to express my love."

"No way, didn't you say he was interested in you, too?"

"when he was chatting with me yesterday, he mentioned something that he started with'my girlfriend gave it to me.'"

that is to say, Button chatted with him for seven whole nights before he knew he was not single. Because of the boy's circle of friends, there is no sign that he has a girlfriend.

this led to the button mistakenly thinking that he could talk, or when he was excited, he was beaten in the face: "I have a girlfriend, don't mess around."

Last month, I made a video interview for my classmate. The interviewees were some friends around us, and one of the boys was a good friend I had known for almost a year.

I remember a year ago, when I was chatting on New year's Eve, I took a screenshot and showed him a message. The man's profile picture was very similar to him. I thought it was him, and I said, "I am so familiar with you that I am ashamed not to choose your message."

he said, "it's just a couple's avatar, my girlfriend."

I was surprised. I always thought he was single, but maybe my criteria are too single, because I think a person is single if he is not clearly single on his social platform.

so on the day of the interview, when I mentioned my personal interest, I asked him, "does your girlfriend support you in doing this?" He looked at me questioningly and said, "I don't have a girlfriend."

he wondered, and I was embarrassed.

I clearly remember that he had a girlfriend. So I went to his moments and found that there were no words or pictures to see that he was in love, and all this was the same as when I knew him a year ago when he told me that he had a girlfriend.

before and after the breakup, his tracks about his girlfriend in moments are the same, the same is zero.

I remember what Eason Chan sang in "Don't come and Don't go": "like you've never been here, never been there." Based on the relationship of friends, I do not judge his behavior, but when I put myself in, if I were his former girlfriend, I would feel a little chilled. I have been with you for a long time, but no one in your most important circle knows that I exist.

when I was in high school, for the sweet behavior of couples in public, many people would say a popular saying at that time: "show love, divide quickly". A few years later, the good Sister band sang a song called "May the couples all over the world are brother and sister who have been separated for many years."

it seems that many people don't want to see pictures of others together, but the story of buttons and my friends tells me that if you don't show love, you can get a quick break, and it may also hurt the people around you, whether it's your girlfriend or other girls who like you.

when I was a child, my parents didn't get along well. I came home for dinner every day to watch them have a cold war or listen to their quarrels, which led me to eat very salty meals because I shed too many tears.

the feelings of adults are always complicated. After quarreling for many days, they made up again. What happened in the car was supposed to be the first time in my life that I was shown love. I sat in the second row of the car and looked at the two people in front of the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. Mouth to mouth kissed for several seconds.

I didn't know how to be shy at that time, but the face and sound of kissing always make me remember that no matter what happened at home after growing up, how much love and hatred there was between my family, and the kiss between the passenger seat in the driver's seat, it was my first impression of "love".

the most important thing is, after that kiss, I no longer seem to be afraid that my parents will quarrel and separate, because no matter how light the family life is, the love I see at that moment is certain. The sense of security that comes out of love has become an extremely important part of my view of love.

recently there is a topic in my notebook, called "sense of security may be more important than Love". When you pick it up and discuss it with others, the first level is: "if you fall in love, will you generously admit it in your social circle?"

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the answer someone gave me was "No". He said, "I am a person who thinks too much. Whenever I want to tell others generously or post a memento on moments, I will be afraid. What if I break up later? won't people laugh at my emotional instability?"

I told him, "Why do you care whether other people care or not? what you have to do is care whether she is happy or not." To them, no matter how well you date, it's just an after-dinner chat, but for your girlfriend, it's something you don't dare to admit in front of others. "

I really want to tell thatThose who are afraid, who will not worry about the future, but who knows in the future. It has been said that the greatest significance of love is that the sense of belonging and sense of security it brings, whether real or not, make you feel protected and calm your heart for a while. That is the greatest significance.

Yes, showing love is a very risky thing, but before that, you are already with someone, isn't it risky? I still think it's terrible to really like someone, whether it's jealousy or giving. I once wrote in my notebook: "Love is sweet, but love is doing its best." so if you really love someone, you won't be afraid to take risks.

"Love is risking the body, not watching the fire from the other side."