All relationships are met for the first time

All relationships are met for the first time
Cheng Bi.

in the opening remarks of Cheng Bi's sharing meeting,

there is a sentence,

, "in this early autumn, there is always something that seems like a dream."

in the poems read at the beginning,

there are also


"all contacts are met for the first time",

"all the past is in a dream".

the "Cheng Bi Cross-border time sharing meeting" sponsored by Dongguan time Network and Dongguan Daily, organized by Dongguan Institute of Technology, disorganized and co-organized by Dongguan Weima, played more high than we expected on the evening of October 12th.

"Oh, what kind of object do you like?"

"it has to look good."


"Ah, that classmate looks like Ning Zetao, so it might as well be you!"


"I'm not a herbivore. I like meat."

apart from reading poetry and discussing poetry and music, these fireworks actually make Cheng Bi much more alive.

Cheng Bi is not just what she looks like on the stage.

it's like,

the people we see are more than what we see.

after two days of communication with Cheng Bi, Zhang Yu, the host of this event,

wrote such a paragraph.

We think that

you may prefer to see this than review the flow of activities one after another.

"can't your name be Miss caller? What a special name. Who got it for you? " The real dialogue between

and Cheng Bi begins with this sentence.

at that time, we were on our way to the event of the Institute of Technology, and when the driver and peers were a little anxious that there might be a big traffic jam at 06:30 in the evening, this sentence and this topic seemed to come at a soothing time.

before this sentence, it was just work docking, a few polite greetings, and a rest after getting off the plane and arriving at the hotel. Cheng Bi and I are a Weibo female folk poet with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Working relationship with the editor of the newspaper in charge of the event. I have also come into contact with many stars before, whether they are big names or underground, 80% of which is imaginable in everyone's mind.

however, the appearance of this sentence makes me feel a little different.

during the two days of contact with Cheng Bi, she was more like my friend, a friend I met in Dongguan.

No doubt casual mother of the bride dresses are basic necessity in any affairs. Our huge and unique selection is our gift to you.

she will ask if the place you ordered for morning tea is more authentic than the hotel;

she will ask you if you have gone to the music festival and do not exclude the independent bookstore you recommended for her songs;

she will also take a cute selfie with you.

will also see you suddenly come to you with emoticons when you are in a daze: "Why are you absent-minded? do you not want to participate in our topic?"

is really like what Cheng Bi said in "everything" in Beidao,

"all contacts are new."

We naturally talked about

literature and art, joking,

, just as Cheng Bi answered questions from classmates and the media during the activity,

one question, two questions, three questions.

can be answered naturally,


will not refuse.

my partner who works together asked me,

have you found that Cheng Bi is very much like our so-and-so colleague?

I said don't talk nonsense. Does your colleague have hundreds of thousands of Weibo followers?

but I agree with it in my heart.

go back to the first question in the article.

I said to Cheng Bi at that time that my name was given by my grandfather, and my grandfather named me Zhang Qiangsheng (because I was born with a loud voice). When my grandfather heard it, he thought it was a ghost, so he had the name Zhang Yu. To give means to give to others.

my grandfather's name is also very literary and artistic. His name is Xiao Zhifeng. Grandma's name is also very literary and artistic. her name is Zhou Xiecheng. Grandma has been influenced by art since she was a child and taught me to play the piano and draw from an early age.

Cheng Bi went on to say that your grandparents have beautiful names, and my grandma also has a beautiful name, Qiwen. Like your grandmother, she is a beautiful girl, playing chess, calligraphy and painting.

although the car was dark at that time, I saw something in Cheng Bi's eyes, just like the look in her eyes when she read "Grandma's words" during the activity.