All breakups are premeditated.

All breakups are premeditated.
If I hadn't done that that day, wouldn't I have come this far?

I watched a May Day show last week and saw Chen Xinhong singing on the stage: "No matter what, we agreed to go to the future world together, and now is the future world. Why is my side not the same side with you?" When I think of someone.

remember that this concert was originally agreed with A P in the year of graduation, and we wrote "going to a concert for 100,000 people together" in the plan book. Two years later, we realized this wish, but we realized it separately. Because A P bought the ticket and booked the hotel a month in advance, after explaining everything to me, I also released her plane for some reasons.

so shortly after the concert, we broke off with each other tacitly and never said a word again.

during that time, I kept asking the same question, "if I hadn't temporarily let her fly at that concert, would we still be good friends?"

I didn't have an answer until last night when I finished running on the playground and went back to my dormitory to have a rest while reading my diary. I found that every few articles I wrote down some unpleasantness that had happened with A P.

for example, she and other friends invited me downstairs for midnight snacks but didn't ask me to come down for dinner. I said, "you guys have a good time," but I didn't reply to her Wechat for three days. One year on her birthday, a boy recorded a guitar version of a birthday song for her, but I had no idea when she met a guy who could play the guitar, so that night I almost questioned her why she didn't share everything with me.

for several years, our friendship has been such a bumpy cycle of "mung bean trifles-questioning-quarrelling-making up". The crux of the problem is that every time we end up with one of them to please first, and then take a "avoid talking" attitude to the previous quarrel, pretend it hasn't happened, and continue to be friends.

so over time, on the surface, it seems that the friendship of the little girl is still going on, but the problem still appears every three days, just like a can of candy, taking out a small part of the sweetness at a time, and then not replenishing it in time, in the end, there is only a beautiful aluminum can left. So at the last time, our friendship is actually very fragile.

so last night I finally had an answer, that is, even if I didn't temporarily release her plane at that concert, we would still break up, but we might postpone until the next absent concert and the next midnight snack that didn't invite me.

lost A P this good friend, my mistake lies in constantly wasting her patience, in constantly testing our relationship.

We have long been left with an empty shell of love, so strange that it usually seems that "even if she is with Daniel Wu, I will bless her, and even if she is beautiful like Fan Bingbing, I will take a picture with her." at the same time, it is easy to realize that we have reached a tipping point when a small thing happens, and that parting is just premeditated and has no excuse.

during the summer vacation, I stayed at home for several days, watching a play on the floor of my room with clunky glasses. A narrator said, "my boyfriend always silently indulges his girlfriend and gives her everything she wants." almost abuse yourself to satisfy others with the attitude of a monk. Finally, one day, a considerate mistress appeared, and he cheated quickly and without hesitation. "

at that time, I was thinking that the other woman who was considerate of him was actually just a cannon fodder among the many potential mistresses. Because the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend is worn away by excessive accommodation and unconditional tolerance, there is a crack in the relationship between them. In that case, no matter which one of so many mistresses happens to show up, the boyfriend will cheat.

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I also remember that Ken told me the story of him and his ex-girlfriend. In Aken's mouth, she is a very "acting" girl. Ken likes to play lol with her roommates, so she secretly subscribes to Ken's online reminder that she receives a message every time Ken gangs up in the dormitory. Then she called Ken and asked him what he was doing, or told him that she was hungry and wanted him to take her out for a midnight snack.

Ken said: "in fact, I know she subscribed to my online reminder, but I think a girl does it because of the lack of sense of security, so during my time with him, I will constantly put down my bottom line to satisfy her."

so after that, no matter when Ken had a meeting in the department or played football on the playground, whenever she received a phone call or text message from her girlfriend on Wechat, she would immediately stop her work, take her to dinner, accompany her to the library and even help her play weird upgrades.

the last time, Ken's ex-girlfriend made excuses for him to prove that "I am more important than games, work and brothers," and they broke up.

he told me: "I can't stand riding my bike for half an hour at more than two o'clock in the evening to buy her a midnight snack." she is the kind of person who wants to achieve her wish but feels that she has to say what she is worth. Only when others guess correctly can she reluctantly accept it.' Do you know the girls? "

after the breakup, Ken's ex-girlfriend was so sad that she didn't go to class for three days. She knew that Aken and I were classmates in high school and had a good relationship, so she came to me to ask for information. "do you think that if I hadn't asked him to come to the dormitory downstairs to accompany me in the middle of the night, he wouldn't have thought I was unreasonable, and we wouldn't have broken up?"

I picked out the last spring onion from the plate and said slowly, "Don't blame him, he's tired enough for so long."

in my opinion, whether it is the last estrangement between A P and me, or the breakup between Ken and the former, only we know how many times we typed the manuscript in our hearts before saying those five words, without the slightest surprise or hesitation, we just set the explosive bag on fire.

act as a fire conductorWhen Suo appeared, the emotional rupture was imminent.

when I was chatting with a friend on the patio the night before last, I accidentally found that a mutual friend around us had recently been lovelorn. At that time, I was surprised and asked, "how is it possible that we were still bored last week? why did you break up now for no reason?"

she said: "if you have been dating for a long time, you will know that falling in love is like planting a tree. It cannot grow into a towering tree overnight, nor can it suddenly fall leaves and wither." Before the end of the relationship, there must be one party who keeps making mistakes without knowing it, while the other party breaks up with a little bit of tolerance and escape, disappointment and silence. "

after understanding this meaning, I originally planned to ask A Ken to eat midnight snacks at the barbecue stall at the school gate to comfort him, but last night I picked the chicken wings from the plate. Before I could say the word "you", he first said, "forget it, don't comfort me, I know the old ones won't go, and the new ones won't come."

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