After we left, we realized our nine journeys.

After we left, we realized our nine journeys.
And photos taken during the trip.

1. The scenery along the way is actually better than the scenic spots

the first scenic spot I remember during the whole trip is actually the airport. That morning, I was sitting in the luggage cart pushed by the eel whale. My shoes crossed the ground and passed the huge glass curtain wall on the second floor of the airport. Outside the window was the clear sky at six o'clock in the morning, and the eel whale gave a "wow" almost at the same time. "Let's come to the airport for a stroll in the future," he said. "

later, we went to Shanghai. On the day of the book fair at Sinan Mansion, eel whale and I left early. Two people who didn't know the way ran about in the streets of Shanghai. When they passed a courtyard, they found that a big tree was covered with white flowers. Holding the fluke mentality that "private houses can also sneak in", I took a profile photo of the eel whale there, with a flower pinned to her right ear. When I press the shutter button, it is difficult for me to associate her with her usual arrogance and coldness, even a little fresh. What moves me most is not the West Lake in Hangzhou, nor the extravagant Bund, nor the gentle water village, nor the new architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts, but all the above inadvertently natural and sincere.

2. Travel is a good opportunity to spread things out

I often hear people say that travel is the best way to test friendship and love, not only because you have to test each other's ability to deal with things in the process, such as booking a hotel and arranging an itinerary, but also because you can confess what we are entangled in a completely strange way of life and social circle. "rethink" what decisions you want to make in a new place.

3. Don't forget who you most want to bring. Look at the beauty you see right now.

when I was watching the night view on the edge of the Huangpu River, I posted a circle of friends. I paused for a long time, hesitating whether to post it or not. Because in fact, I didn't want to show that beautiful night picture to many people. I didn't need to send it to the moments for everyone to watch. I thought of "sending so many moments, who do you want to show it to?" but, there are some things you can't say clearly, so I pressed "send" in the moments instead of the chat box. Fortunately, the man saw it. When we went to Mahler's villa the next day, there was a small lawn inside. I pointed there and said, "Editor, you work hard to make money, and you will bring your girlfriend here for the wedding." He said, "Oh, it's beautiful, but it's a pity that vivi is not here." I thought he would smile and say yes, but I didn't think he would sigh. But I guess his mood of sighing is very similar to that of me on the bank of the Huangpu River that night. Fortunately, we haven't forgotten who wants to stand around us most.

@ eel whale

four, don't just use the hotel as a place to sleep.

Today I saw a tweet about how to make a hotel a part of the trip, which I agree with. In the past, we all thought that the hotel was just a place to sleep. when we were poor, we could just book a room to cope with it. One year we went to Hong Kong to see a concert. I just went to college and had no money, so I could only book a room in the Mong Kok Mansion. The old building was home to people from all over the world. It was very miscellaneous, narrow and dirty. It was the type of Chongqing Mansion where Lin Qingxia shuttled back and forth in the Chongqing Forest.

enter the door is a bed, a toilet, there is no room for luggage, the toilet is less than one square meter, after putting the toilet, there is no room to turn around, and the sound insulation effect is poor, surrounded by South Asians, the lights in the aisle are flashing all the time, and the elevator will stop suddenly, which is the same venue for Hong Kong ghost movies and crime movies.

I have been to some places and have a lot of very bad hotel experiences, and this is one of the worse ones. Since then, I have found that the place to stay must be chosen carefully. Don't make do with it. Cleanliness and tidiness is the most basic requirement.

at the same time, in addition to material experience, there is also human experience.

I have been in Suzhou for the past two days. Tonight, two girls have come to Qingshu's room, one of which is Korean, a foreign student at Capital normal University, learning Chinese, and asked me three questions when they met, "Hello", "where are you from" and "would you like to go for a drink with me"? this is the first time I met a girl who asked someone to go to a bar for the first time, and it was also the first time I met such a frank and generous Korean girl.

another girl is from Yangshuo, Guangxi. Her facial features look like those from Xinjiang. She is very beautiful. She has a boyfriend who works in Shanghai. Coincidentally, we were all juniors and traveled alone. After chatting for a while, we felt very congenial, so we decided to play together tomorrow.

so, if you want to integrate into a city, you should treat the place where you live as a "home" rather than a temporary sleeping spot.

five, in fact, there are not so many story templates, don't always think about "the best travel experience".

in both Yunnan and Jiangnan, I have been to the popular ancient towns known as the "capital of sexual encounters". Only after I have seen them personally, I know that at night in those old towns, there are men who are forced to pull people in at the door of the bar. I have tried to be stopped. I have tried to be pulled and dragged even more exaggerated.

at the same time, I also tried to rescue girls who were drunk and forcibly taken away by strange men. I tried to meet a woman in white sitting alone by the bridge in the old town in the middle of the night. I tried to pass through the garbage room and heard the sound of an uncle sharpening his knife. I tried to ride around the island during the journey, but I had a car accident and was rescued by a group of young college students from all over the country.

for the hot food in the strategy, I took a long-distance bus, only to find that it was not as good as an inconspicuous shop next to the hostel, which was started by a group of local young people. I would sit there at a fixed time every day with my computer until closing time, and I would say good night to them when I left. One day I had to leave. I went to that store for the last time, and the shopkeeper waived my order when I checked out.

then I think of a place, most of which are people who think of that place.

We are eager to get the best on our journey.Experience, in fact, the best experience, not in architectural attractions, there is no standard template, perhaps the best experience comes from the most unremarkable people and experiences.

@ Zhang bramble (I am not so emotional)

six, in fact, travel is not planned.

before the summer vacation, we planned a disorganized group trip. But the hardest thing in the world is everyone's time, so the original "departure in July" became "departure in August", and even almost had a miscarriage last Tuesday.

finally, because of the eel whale's sentence: "dare you buy a plane ticket for tomorrow and leave?"

without any plans, after notifying our family, we got a ride in the early hours of the morning and arrived in Hangzhou the next day. Now the degree of development of information, in fact, as long as you can find it on the Internet, there are countless strategies, and when you get to the local area, you can even ask the destination directly in your circle of friends what places to visit or hotel recommendations.

so stop planning and talk about it when you go.

Seven, eat the cheapest and the most expensive.

to eat the cheapest local snacks, it is not necessarily the best, but must be the most authentic. Because the food in those famous stores has been improved countless times, and even changed to the same taste as what you eat near your home. Yes, I'm talking about Shanghai soup dumplings.

then find another day to eat the most expensive meal (within your affordability), regardless of whether it is really delicious, because so that you can "eat" this point without any regrets. And people's taste is constantly rising, after eating delicious food, you know what is meant by "bad taste".

for example, I ate a meal of Japanese food in Shanghai today. The price is three times that of me, but the product is not as good as 100 Japanese food per capita in Guangzhou.

eight, during the trip, give more time to hang out by yourself.

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Don't rush during the trip, let alone make your itinerary too full. Going to scenic spots is just convenient for you to sign in in your moments, which is not helpful to your thinking, so set aside two or three days of free time to hang out alone in your city. Maybe you'll find something different. We must be alone. We are most focused when there is no sense of security.

We went to Sinan residence the day before yesterday and found that there happened to be a literature conversation at the Shanghai Book Fair. The speakers were Han Song and Alai. After listening to it, I felt that my understanding of literature was too shallow. When I went to the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art yesterday, I found that the fourth anniversary of "one seat" was being held on the third floor, and the ticket was only 80 yuan. The lecture didn't end until ten o'clock in the evening, with a full page of notes. Today, I went to the Construction and bidding Bureau and drank milk to write manuscripts. It was a wonderful feeling.

thinking, it's not all casual. Maybe that's what the journey is all about.

Nine, travel is not to escape, but to understand the world from a different perspective.

many people take "travel" too seriously and always hope to gain an epiphany from it. But in fact, most trips can only let you find one thing, that is, how poor you really are. So don't try to change the course of your life from now on, just have fun. And, believe me, all the unpleasantness of this journey will be the most memorable thing in your journey.

"good night, everyone"