After 95 years of stock speculation, how was it yesterday?

After 95 years of stock speculation, how was it yesterday?
Let's talk about the stock market tonight.

this is a development published by my high school classmate Tan Yuan yesterday.

but I didn't know until after talking to him that he had been in contact with the stock market since his sophomore year.

spare money

earn a month's salary a day. How on earth did he earn such principal for his age?

the reason why it is 17 years is that his parents gave him the lucky money they had saved for him since childhood, with a total of 30,000 yuan.

he smiled and said that because of the spare money, he was willing to keep it in it for 17 years.

"take it as a lesson." He was relieved.

"understanding is very important. You can be unprofessional, but you must know what you are investing in."

the entire investment timeline is as long as three years. At the end of the chat, he learned that I also bought a little fund and said in the tone of an experienced person:

I closed the dialog box with him, but when I was in high school, he watched "Big short" on his cell phone next to me

. Think about it, "the madness of investment and the reason of a few people" in that movie is quite similar to today's stock market.


he sent out a seemingly expensive dinner photo saying: "Today is a big rise, reward yourself a good meal."

Zhao Hong and I are college classmates. It's been 15 years since we first heard him talk about stocks.

and Zhao Hong used to sit in the last row of the classroom and brag to a group of boys that he made two more days of food money from his stock yesterday.

I clicked on his chat box and asked if the boss had made a lot of money recently.

the stocks he bought began to fall in 15 years and fell to the end of 18 years, and the more than 10,000 he added during that period also fell to more than 2,000 points.

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until then, Zhao Hongyi invested a total of 100,000 yuan, and it was not until a year ago that the market slowly improved.

Zhao Hong now talks about stocks like a real expert.

while talking about yesterday's increase, he smiled and said, "it's too scary."

he said that his account rose by 5,000 yesterday, but his tone was not too excited.

in his view, all aspects of people's livelihood are gradually recovering, and investors from all over the world are pouring into the stock market with money. But this kind of money often comes and goes quickly.