A few scented queens that make people kneel.

A few scented queens that make people kneel.
The smell of Christmas.

what perfume was given last Christmas? some students asked to see the Queen's incense, so on Christmas Day, I came to realize this dream.

this is partly due to the fact that Queen's incense is more skillful in fragrance blending, not only in the process of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but also in finding the point where the index explodes. On the other hand, Queen incense is more demanding on raw materials. The rise in the quality of raw materials directly led to the improvement of prices.

but why still recommend them to you?

if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight. The same is true of perfume.

but she has a distinct personality: elegant, retro, grand , you can always find you.

Price: 50ml 270R niche: ●

Estée Lauder is a brand of conscience in the perfume world. Whether it is its blue Mediterranean or white hemp, it is deeply loved by perfume lovers. More importantly, the price conscience, will not be high above, arrogant.

it is suitable for lonely and happy people who are full enough in heart, do not mind the eyes of others, and stubbornly walk along a path.

Price: 75ml 350R

an old fragrance created by Guerlain in the last century.

Violet and strong, Iris are smeared with a touch of sunset at dusk , like smoke and fog, it is difficult to enter the heart, calm and indifferent to the past.

Robert Berger

the retro and elegant Queen

nominated it because one day a long time ago, my friend sprayed it out, and I was amazed by her side, elegant, not eating other people's fireworks, soft and beautiful. After many years, I am still intoxicated in retrospect.

Girls who are too simple and clean at heart let it go. You can't bear or appreciate its complexity and affectionate singing. If you have a deep burden and feel that you have an old soul, spray it, it may bring you thousands of amorous feelings.

Chanel No. 19

No. 5 is a classic perfume work of Chanel. Since Monroe said, " I only wear Chanel No. 5 to sleep ", but No. 19 or Chanel herself, or even Chanel brand, is at the forefront of fashion.

as Lady Chanel's last bottle of perfume, whether you think of it as the end of your life or the precipitation of your life, I suggest you feel its taste.

Price: 50ml 1100R niche: ●

about its fragrance review, the favorite is the sentence, "after roses, there are no roses" . What do you mean? Probably after you smell a round of roses, you can no longer find roses that can get into your eyes.